What martial art is Matt Fiddes?

The Matt Fiddes Martial Arts method incorporates a combination of techniques and principles from a variety of martial arts styles, including: Karate, Kickboxing, Tae Kwon Do, Ju Jitsu, martial arts weapons and Kung Fu – all of which provides our students with a well-balanced self-defence system.

What is the order of belts in martial arts?

There are 6 belt colors: white belt, orange belt, blue belt, yellow belt, green belt, brown belt, and black belt. All belts besides the white belt can have dashes to indicate further progress.

Did Michael Jackson know martial arts?

“[Michael Jackson] was one of the best martial artists I’ve ever seen. He was one of the best dancers in the world, and he could bring that across to his martial arts.” The moonwalking superstar was a Karate black belt and he and his brothers were also trained in Shaolin Kung Fu by grandmaster Kam Yuen.

Does kung fu have black belt?

The Black Belt in the Kung Fu Ranking System But attaining a black belt does not mean you’re done – there are higher degrees and many kung fu martial artists are encouraged to begin their training in other styles once they have achieved a high enough black belt ranking.

Does Obama know martial arts?

Barack Obama trained in Taekwondo while still in Chicago, IL when he was working as a professor and part-time state senator. His instructor was David Posner, who remembers him as a very diligent and disciplined student. President Obama eventually earned a green belt for this discipline of the martial arts.

How old was Matt Fiddes when he started martial arts?

He was tormented for two years before he became pro-active and started learning martial arts, aged seven. Just five years later, he was a black belt. Matt left school age sixteen with no qualifications and went on to open the first Matt Fiddes Martial Arts School “with just £100”.

How did Matt Fiddes get his black belt?

Five years later he had already won his Black Belt with a determination and drive that was to mark him out as a special talent. Leaving school at sixteen with no qualifications he opened the first Matt Fiddes Martial Arts School in his hometown of Barnstaple, North Devon, with just £100.

Who is Matt Fiddes?

Matt Fiddes is one of the most respected experts in the international world of martial arts and fitness. Matt’s achievements have seen him honoured at the highest level, after being inducted into the UK Martial Arts Hall of Fame and presented with the prestigious ‘Martial Arts Superstar Award’.

What inspired Matt Fiddes to become a self-defence fighter?

Matt’s website mattfiddes.com says the athlete grew up in Barnstaple, North Devon, where he was bullied at school, and this was the motivation to learn self-defence skills. He was tormented for two years before he became pro-active and started learning martial arts, aged seven.