What kind of games can I play in the hospital?

Younger players will enjoy cartoon-themed maternity ward games, where you can work in a nursery and take care of newborn babies. Older players will enjoy our realistic, more challenging hospital adventures. In these games, you can perform realistic surgeries, and follow instructions to become a knowledgeable surgeon.

Is there a real life emergency room game for DS?

Emergency Room: Real Life Rescues is the only game in the series on the Nintendo DS. Players control a paramedic as they take on different medical emergencies for Habor City Hospital.

What is fun hospital?

Welcome to Fun Hospital, one of the funniest hospital games ever in the world! Here, you might meet patients with a lot of hair, or no hair; strange aliens, evil guy, super hero…Build a sweet hospital of your own!

How to operate your dream hospital?

To operate your dream hospital well, you need to decide which, where and when to build them to improve the performance and efficiency. Hire doctors, nurses and cleaners according to their capabilities, place them in right positions to save more lives! Train, equip and upgrade them to improve their performance. It is not a simple doctor game.

What are medical games and why do people play them?

They can be used for educational purposes — especially with the application of virtual or augmented reality. But plenty of people enjoy medical games for entertainment, too. Whether it’s cleaning up spaceships or building a hospital, these are the games to play for medical field enthusiasts.

What do you do in hospital frenzy?

Meet and greet patients and help them to get to right spot in Hospital Frenzy. It’s up to you, if everyone will be treated well. Hospitals have a staff of doctors, surgeons and nurses to help injured and sick babies.