What is wax setting in Jewellery?

Our technique hand-sets the diamonds into the wax model before it is cast and the molten gold envelops the diamonds securing them in exactly the correct position meaning the prongs are never bent which can weaken the metal and eventually result in loose stones.

How do you set the stones in wax casting?

Gemstones are often set by gently pressing a heated wax pen tip on the top of the stone. The gemstone is heated and slips easily into the setting. The process works great for most settings. In prong settings, the prongs must be pre-notched in the model so the waxes have the appropriate notches.

How do you use wax setters?

To use them, you just heat them up carefully until they soften – usually with a torch played gently over. Overheat them and they scorch, bubble, smoke and burn – which renders the burned stuff useless. You can break the wax into smaller lumps (with a hammer) quite easily as it is fairly brittle.

What does cast not set mean?

Cast-Not-Set is the process of casting precious gemstones directly into molten gold. Most jewelry is made in gold and then, as a last step, the stones are put into their settings. We’ve reversed the process so that the stones are in place before the gold has formed.

Can you 3D print lost wax casting?

Lost Wax Casting with 3D Printing. The wax (or resin) pattern is dipped in a refractory slurry and then in refractory powder and dried/fired before the wax is removed leaving a hollow mould for receiving the molten metal. In using 3D printing, at least the first two steps can be removed from this process.

What is Nick diamond setting?

The nick setting is similar to the channel setting. Stones are placed in a row, with metal bordering either side. In a nick setting, small prongs are nicked from the surrounding metal to secure the stones.

Why set gemstones in wax?

One of the most revolutionary advance in recent years, apart from the Laser soldering, is the method of “Setting Gemstones in Wax”. It has ‘freed’ up many impossible designs and allowing the manufacturer to forge ahead and create many difficult setting projects.

How do I get my wax piece ready for casting?

You will learn to apply your designs to your wax piece, remove excess wax and create a seat for your exact stone. Following that, Sophie will show you how to file your wax piece into shape, remove any file marks and sand and refine the piece ready for casting.

How much does it cost to wax a stone?

It is here that the suggested wax setting fee is about 0.15 cents – 0.20 cents per stone, compared with the same setting at about $3.00 – $5.00 for the equivalent in Gold or Platinum. Tapered Wooden Polishing-stick. Wax Melter, with a fine blade tip.

How do you cool down a wax set stone?

Please allow all wax-set stones while still in their hot flask to cool down by air-cooling. You can also let the hot flask cool in a “cooling” oven. Then at that time, open the flask when you are satisfied the flask is cool to your finger touch.