What is user code in VectorCAST?

User Code is a powerful tool that can be used in a VectorCAST unit test environment as an avenue to customizing the test harness. Practically any part of the test harness can be customized with User Code. User Code is written in the language native to the unit under test.

How do I create a stub in VectorCAST?


  1. open your environment in the VectorCAST GUI.
  2. Environment | Update Environment…
  3. Go to Step 6, Choose UUTs and Stubs.
  4. Select Library Stubs and add sscanf.

What is unit testing VectorCAST?

VectorCAST/C++ is a highly automated unit and integration test framework used by embedded developers to validate safety and business-critical embedded systems. This dynamic test solution is widely used in the avionics, medical devices, automotive, industrial controls, railway, and financial industries.

What is the extension of VectorCAST unit test environment file?

VectorCAST/Manage is an extension of the VectorCAST family of unit and integration testing tools.

What is Parasoft tool?

Parasoft SOAtest is a Web API Automation tool that makes use of two services i.e. SOAP and REST to perform Functional, Regression, Unit Testing, Runtime error detection, static code analysis, service virtualization and so on.

What is compound test in VectorCAST?

Answer: Compound test cases are often used to test scenarios that require non-trivial initialization. VectorCAST provides several mechanisms for initializing data at the beginning of a compound test.

What are SBF in VectorCAST?

VectorCAST version 2019 supports stubbing-by-function (<>) of all instantiations, explicit or implicit, of each template function or member of a template class. By default, environments with template functions in the UUT are built with stub-by-function capability.

What is the difference between system and unit testing?

The Unit testing is the testing technique in which the smallest unit of the program is tested. On the other hand, the System testing relies on the high-level design specification and checks whether the system implementation satisfies the system requirement specification or not.

How does Parasoft work?

Parasoft’s suite of automated software testing tools integrates quality into the software development process for early prevention, detection, and remediation of defects. The tools cover every testing need, enabling continuous quality, delivery at speed, and compliance with industry standards.