What is the world record for red ear sunfish?

Recently weighed in at Bass Tackle Master of Lake Havasu, Arizona, the new pending world record redear sunfish weighed 6.30 pounds, measured 17 inches long and carried a 20-inch girth. Caught by Thomas Farchione of Waterford, Wisconsin.

What’s the world record redear?

6.30 pound
Thomas Farchione of Waterford, Wis., with the enormous 6.30 pound redear sunfish he caught on May 4 at Lake Havasu in Arizona. The fish ranks a new International Game Fish Association world record. By comparison, the Texas state record redear is 2.99 pounds.

Do red ear sunfish reproduce in a pond?

Ponds are seldom stocked with bass and redear only because the limited spawning of redear will not produce enough offspring to support the growth of many bass.

How big is the world record shellcracker?

Measuring 17 inches long with a 20-inch girth, the fish eclipses the former world record of 5.78 pounds caught in 2014 by Hector Brito.

What is the record Shell cracker?

Wisconsin angler Thomas Farchione landed this 6.3-pound redear sunfish (aka shellcracker), which could be a new International Game Fish Association. ( Photo courtesy of John Galbraith, owner of Bass Tackle Masters tackle shop)

What is world record crappie?

This massive 21-inch long, 5-pound, 3-ounce white crappie has been the IGFA all-tackle world record for the species for over half a century. It was caught in the Yocona River below Enad Dam.

How big will a hybrid bluegill get?

“The hybrid bluegill grow faster; a condition called ‘hybrid vigor,’ “Fleming said. “And they can get to 2 pounds.” One-year-old fish can reach 8 inches in length, and the fish reach sexual maturity at 5 inches. They have a larger mouth than most sunfish and they feed aggressively.

What is a hybrid bluegill?

A hybrid bluegill is a cross between a male bluegill (Lepomis macrochirus) and a female sunfish (Lepomis cyanellus). A hybrid bluegill is an easy-to-catch, fast-growing game fish that makes a fun addition to recreational ponds and lakes.

What is the difference between bluegill and hybrid bluegill?

A Hybrid bluegill has a larger mouth, is thicker across the back, is more aggressive and is a cannibal, which helps in controlling the numbers. They produce approximately 33% meat when filleted. The regular Bluegill will reproduce in large numbers, which is a plus if your pond has an established predator population.

How big was the biggest bluegill ever caught in Alabama?

That’s evidenced by the tale of a 4-pound., 12-ounce specimen pulled from Alabama’s Ketona Lake by T. Hudson back on April 9, 1950. The size of a good bass, Hudson’s big bluegill is the specie’s all-tackle world record in the International Game Fish Association record book!

What’s the biggest bluegill ever caught on a fly rod?

While huge bluegills are caught on a variety of light-weight tackle, fly rods occasionally account for some of the record fish. That list includes the new Colorado state record—reportedly caught as the angler, Gregory Wallace, fly-fished for big northern pike—on June 12, 2019 at Totten Reservoir.

How long does it take bluegill to grow 8 inches?

In fact, it may take bluegill in Wisconsin over 5 years to grow 8 inches. Karl’s is home to panfish tackle for Crappie, Bluegill, Perch, and more! How useful was this post?

Are bluegill the hardest fish to fight?

And pound for pound, they might be one of the hardest fighting. Part of the Sunfish family, bluegill prefer warm water lakes, rivers, creeks, and ponds. Bluegill are opportunists when it comes to feeding and will commonly eat things like plankton, insects, worms, and small minnows.