What is the working distance of an objective lens?

Objective working distance is the vertical distance from the objective’s front lens to the closest surface of the specimen when the specimen is sharply focused. It’s the space you have to get a specimen in under the lens and still get a focus.

What is the working distance for a 40x objective lens?

Table 1 – Objective Specifications by Magnification

Achromat Correction
Magnification Numerical Aperture Working Distance (mm)
10x 0.25 10.50
20x 0.40 1.30
40x 0.65 0.57

How do you calculate the working distance of an objective?

The working distance (W.D.) is determined by the linear measurement of the objective front lens to the focal plane. In general, the objective working distance decreases as the magnification and numerical aperture both increase. The working distance is the distance from the front of the lens to the focal plane.

Which objective lens has the highest working distance?

Table 2 – Long Working Distance Objectives

Designation Magnification Working Distance
ELWD 20x 11.0 mm
ELWD 50x 8.7 mm
ELWD 100x 2.0 mm
SLWD 10x 20.3 mm

What is a working distance?

The distance between the front edge of the objective lens and the specimen surface (with the surface of the cover glass in case of the cover glass objective lens) when the specimen is focused. …

What objective lens has the shortest working distance?

The oil immersion lens has the smallest working distance and one runs the risk of striking the slide with the lens when trying to achieve focus.

Is the working distance greater with the 40x or the 10x?

In Figure 3, we compare lens elements in a series of apochromatic objectives ranging from 10x to 100x in magnification. The lower power apochromat objectives (10x and 20x) have a longer working distance and the overall objective length is shorter than in higher power (40x and 100x) apochromat objectives.

HOW IS lens working distance calculated?

Lens calculator – Calculating the working distance a

  1. classic. a= f´* (y /y´ +1)
  2. using sensor information.
  3. using object size. & opening angle.

Which objective lens has the least working distance?

As working distance is inversely proportional to the magnification, the more the magnification the least will be the working distance. So, the objective lens with 100X Magnification will have the least working distance and an objective lens with magnification 5X will have maximum working distance.

Which lens has the shorter working distance?

What is the function of a low power objective lens?

Low power objective lens give you a wider field of view of the particular specimen. It’s primary function is to give the viewer a broader range of the image to see other properties of a particular specimen whatever it may be.

What is the definition of objective lens?

objective lens – the lens or system of lenses in a telescope or microscope that is nearest the object being viewed.

What is the working distance of my microscope?

There is not one, but many definitions of ‘working distance of a microscope.’ Another widely recognized definition suggests that the working distance is the distance between the bottommost surface of a microscope’s bottommost optic , and the subject that is in focus.

What is the working distance of a microscope?

Working distance is a term used in microscopy to describe the distance between the specimen and the lens. Microscopes usually have a short working distance. Microscopes use a parfocal lens that stays in focus when the magnification or focal length changes.