What is the price of BMW Tiger?

The newly launched Triumph Tiger 850 Sport rubs shoulders against the likes of Ducati Multistrada 950 and also, the BMW F 750 GS in the segment. The new Triumph Tiger 850 Sport has been launched in India at a price of Rs 11.95 lakh.

How much is a tiger in rupees?

Triumph will be launching the all-new Tiger 900 in India soon. The Tiger 800 XCa at Rs 15.16 lakh (ex-showroom, India). is the range-topper in Triumph India’s Tiger 800 lineup.

What is the price of tiger bike in India?

The Tiger range is available in three variants – XR (Rs 11.76 lakh), XRx (Rs 13.13 lakh) and the off-roader 2018 Tiger XCx (Rs 13.76 lakh) (all prices, ex-showroom Delhi). The Tiger 800 rivals Ducati Multistrada 950, Honda Africa Twin and the BMW F750GS and F850GS in India.

How much is a triumph 800?

The Tiger 800 XCX, with its instant responsiveness, improved riding position and stunning Tiger 800 style, is a ride that can take you on any adventure with real off-road poise and performance….Price.

Feature Details
Price From $14,600.00

Can I buy a tiger in India?

You can own leopards, tigers and lions in Mumbai | Mumbai news – Hindustan Times….Why just cats and dogs? You can own leopards, tigers and lions in Mumbai.

Animal How many are at SGNP Annual adoption fee (in ₹)
Tiger 6 3,10,000
Leopard 14 1,20,000
Rusty spotted cat 6 50,000
Spotted Deer 32 20,000

Why is triumph so expensive?

Currently triumphs have been focusssed on Classic and Adventure segment in India and the built quality of triumphs in both the segment is miluch better than lower priced competiton hence the higher price. Though recently introduced Triumph speed twin has been prices aggressively.