What is the exact location of Studio 54?

/  40.764361°N 73.983778°W  / 40.764361; -73.983778 Studio 54 is a former disco nightclub, currently a Broadway theatre, located at 254 West 54th Street, between Eighth Avenue and Broadway in Midtown Manhattan, New York City. The building opened in 1927 as the Gallo Opera House.

Does Studio 54 have an elevator?

Studio 54 does not have an elevator. Limited accessible seating is available in the Orchestra. Studio 54 was originally built as the Gallo Opera House in 1927 and transformed into the New Yorker Theatre in 1930. CBS purchased the space in 1942 and made it the home of renowned television shows like “The Johnny Carson Show.”

What was the original name of Studio 52?

The building opened in 1927 as the Gallo Opera House. It operated as an entertainment venue under various names until 1942, when CBS began using it as a radio and television studio dubbed Studio 52.

Who worked at Studio 54 in the 1970s?

Other notables at the club Actor Al Corley was a doorman during the late 1970s. Alec Baldwin worked for two months as a waiter at Studio 54. Sally Lippman, also known as “Disco Sally”, was a 77 year old widow and regular dancer at the club.

Did Bianca Jagger ride a horse in Studio 54?

Read 10 of the wildest stories from Studio 54, including the time Bianca Jagger rode a white horse across the dance floor. For 33 months, Studio 54 was the American bacchanal, an unprecedented mix of glamorous sophistication and primal hedonism.

Who was at Studio 54 on New Year’s Eve?

Celebrities during New Year’s Eve party at Studio 54: Halston, Bianca Jagger, Jack Haley, Jr. And wife Liza Minnelli and Andy Warhol. Andy Warhol, Calvin Klein, Brooke Shields and Steve Rubell at Studio 54 circa 1981 in New York City.

Who was in Studio 54 with Rod Stewart?

Singer Rod Stewart with Steve Rubell and Alana Hamilton at Studio 54. Photo of STUDIO 54, outside of club showing queue and name sign circa 1975. Studio 54 doorman Mark Benecke selects who will enter the nightclub, New York, New York, July 27, 1979.

What was the cultural impact of Studio 54?

Cultural impact. Studio 54 at MGM Grand in Las Vegas. In the late 1970s, Studio 54 was one of the best-known nightclubs in the world, and it played a formative role in the growth of disco music and nightclub culture in general. Several franchises, notably in Las Vegas, have sprung up around the country.