What is the difference between 700×23 and 700×25?

The 23s are thinner, lighter (because they are thinner), and a little faster. 25s are 2mm greater in diameter, so they are a little heavier and better on rough roads.

Can you put a 25c tire on a 23c rim?

The short answer is no. Basically, rims accept a range of tire widths, so if you are in the market for new wheels, you need to make sure that your new rims will accept the tire width you want to ride on.

What does 700×23 25c mean?

1. order by. Some manufacturers (e.g., Specialize) offer two width measurements (e.g., 700×23/25c) to indicate that the carcass is 25 mm wide, but that the tread patch is equivalent to a 23 mm tire.

Are Gatorskin tires worth it?

The Continental Gatorskin tyre is a good quality mid-priced tyre that rolls well, although it’s not quite as subtle or as grippy as its more expensive brothers. Continental pitches the Gatorskin as a tyre suited for sportives, training and commuting.

What is the difference between 23 and 23C tires?

The 23 (also mm) was the size of the tire (more or less the diameter of cross section). And the ‘C’ was the size of the rim. There used to be ‘A’, ‘B’, and ‘C’ rims (and maybe also a ‘no letter’ rim).

Can you put a 25C tire on a 23C rim?

Will a 700×23 fit an 700×28?

Yep, no problem, you can run them in quite a bit larger tires than that.

What is the best rated road bike tire?

Perhaps the best road bike tire that you can buy with your money is Vittoria Rubino Pro 111 Fold tire. Because of the high performance of this tire, it is regarded as all around tire that does everything for you. The tire is suitable for every rider and it can be used in season and out of season.

What is the fastest road bike tire?

Thanks to Graphene technology and more than 65 years in bike tires production, Vittoria has the fastest bike tire in the market. Since October 2015, Graphene technology has added an exclusive value in Vittoria products. It changes everything.

Are 700c wheels standard width?

On a ‘700c’ wheel, you can have a range of different widths. 23mm wide tires have been the standard for most road cycling over the past couple decades. You might see a 700x20c, or a 700x25c. On a cyclocross bike or 29-inch mountain bike, you could see tires as wide as 700x35c or 700x58c.

How big is a bicycle tire?

Tires for standard adult bikes, including mountain bikes and hybrids, can come in 26-inch or 29 inch sizes, which is the measurement of the outside diameter of the tire. Mountain bikes also can have 27/5-inch wheels.