What is the business of Cecilio K Pedro?

Cecilio K Pedro decided to compete with the multinational giants by producing locally made toothpastes and hit them where it would hurt the most — the selling price. He founded the Lamoiyan Corporation, which became the manufacturer of the first locally produced toothpastes “Hapee” and “Kutitap” (sparkle).

Who is the owner of Hapee toothpaste?

Cecilio Pedro
founder and president Cecilio Pedro, the man behind the popular toothpaste brand Hapee. Growing up, Pedro said his first lessons on money came from his parents, who taught him to be thrifty and to be kind to others.

Who is Cecilio Pedro?

Cecilio K. Pedro is another Filipino businessman of Chinese descent but his story is not the typical rags-to-riches tale but about turning adversity into triumph. He earned his business management degree at the Ateneo de Manila University, one of the more prestigious private schools in the Philippines.

What is the characteristics of Cecilio Kwok Pedro?

Cecilio exhibits creativity in his entrepreneurship through one of his strategies in which his brand creates toothpaste that targets a new target market of children through colorful tubing and character designs.

What is the company motto of lamoiyan corporation?

Hearing all his accomplishments, he really applies his company’s motto to himself and to his people, Lamoiyan’s corporate motto is “To make a difference for the glory of GOD”. This is really a phenomenon both to Pedro and his company. Chairman, Deaf Evangelistic Alliance Foundation Inc.

How did Hapee toothpaste?

The prime mover behind Hapee toothpaste is entrepreneur Dr. In 1985, the multinationals started changing their toothpaste packaging from aluminum to plastic tubes, so Pedro was stuck with industrial equipment but no customers, plus a stockpile of aluminum tubes.

Who is the owner Bench?

Ben Chan
Bench is the Philippines’ leading clothing and lifestyle brand. Its story dates back to 1987, when founder and chief innovator Ben Chan got the opportunity to design and sell men’s T-shirts and jeans at a local department store.

What is the story of Dr Cecilio Lamoiyan?

Cecilio’s company took a huge blow, prompting him to close his business in the same year. Dr. Cecilio did not allow this problem to put him down. In 1985, he decided to start again and established Lamoiyan Corporation. Lamoiyan was the Cantonese name of her grandmother, whom he loved and look up to.

People thought Dr. Cecilio K. Pedro was crazy for going against big companies in the toothpaste industry. Many years later, Hapee toothpaste remains as a major competitor against global brands in the Philippines. Cecilio Kwok Pedro, of Chinese descent, was born on 1953 in the Philippines.

Who is Cecilio Pedro of Operation Smile Philippines?

A Christian entrepreneur who passionately believes in private business with a social conscience, Cecilio K. Pedro has supported the international non-governmental organization (NGO) Operation Smile Philippines to care for children afflicted with oral cleft. His factory is unique and noted for employing a lot of hearing-impaired people.

Who is the founder of Lamoiyan Corp?

The founder of Hapee toothpaste in the Philippines, making his company, Lamoiyan Corp., the country’s first homegrown toothpaste name. Pedro, became one of the first Filipinos who became successful in the exporting industry. His Chinese surname, Kwok means “to give” is truly an exact description of this man.