What is the best brand of badminton racket?

Top 5 Badminton Rackets brands in India

  • Yonex: The Japan-based company; Yonex has a stronghold in the Indian racket market which offers 15 string products in India.
  • Li Ning: Yet another major racket brand available in India, Li Ning houses its widest collection of rackets available online.
  • Victor:
  • Silver Sports:
  • Cosco:

Which racket is best for singles badminton?

The 5 Best Badminton Racquets 2019 (For Singles and Doubles)

  • Yonex Voltric Z Force 2.
  • Yonex Arcsaber 11.
  • Yonex Duora 10.
  • Victor Jetspeed S10.
  • Li-Ning N7II.

Which badminton racket is used by Carolina Marin?

Yonex Duora Z Strike
Currently Carolina Marin is using the Yonex Duora Z Strike. This is an extremely stiff racket with a relatively smaller head size. Due to these reasons, the sweet spot is smaller on this racket as compared to other rackets from Yonex – making it a little less user friendly.

What racquet does Tai Tzu Ying use?

Victor Thruster F
Tai Tzu Ying is currently using Victor Thruster F. The thruster series from Victor is aimed towards delivering more power to your shots. Hans Kristian Vittinghus from Denmark also uses this racket. This is primarily a singles oriented racket.

Is your badminton string tension too slack?

So let’s separate fact from fiction so that you can then make more informed decisions about your string tensions. The string tension in your badminton racquet plays a major part in your ability to play shots well. If the strings are too slack, then they fail to perform at optimum level.

What is considered a highly accomplished player in badminton?

What I mean by a highly accomplished player is someone who is representing the area, playing county badminton or even international badminton. They could be tournament players who are playing local and national tournaments. They play to a consistently high standard.

What is the sweet spot in badminton and why is it important?

The lower the tension, the bigger the sweet spot. Consequently, beginners need to play with lower tensions as they are more likely to mis-hit the shuttle. The bigger “optimum hitting area” is therefore essential in their progress in the sport.

What is the difference between badminton racquet and squash racquet tension?

Tensions have been pushed higher and have now entered those usually seen in squash racquets. Bear in mind squash racquets are significantly thicker and heavier than badminton racquets and therefore they are designed to withstand these tensions. So here’s my guide to racquet tensions.