What is the benefit of adjustable shocks?

Single Speed Compression Adjustment Compression adjustment controls how soft or firm the shock responds under a compression action (speed bump, off-road obstacle). This kind of adjustment increases road feedback and vehicle control for off-road terrain, or reduces body roll and nose dive on the street.

How does an adjustable shock work?

A shock is a hydraulic device that resists chassis movement by passing oil through a set of orifices and valved passages. In an adjustable shock, manipulating the fluid movement through the shock’s valving changes its dampening characteristics. Rebound (extension) is the shock’s resistance to being pulled apart.

Do I need double adjustable shocks?

Those who race often prefer double-adjustable shocks because they spend more time at the tracks and the double-adjustables allow them to fine tune their suspension and make the best possible handling vehicle.

Which is better coilovers or shocks?

Coilovers and shocks are parts of the suspension system on automobiles. The major difference between coilovers and standard shocks is that coilovers afford drivers much more control over a vehicle’s suspension system.

How do I read Pro Shock numbers?

What do the Pro Shock Numbers mean? The first digit is the shock stroke. The third digit or third and fourth digit is the shocks rebound valve code. In the example shock the rebound code is 6.

Who makes Proshocks?

AFCO Performance Group
PRO Shocks — AFCO Performance Group. PRO Shocks has built a winning reputation for designing and manufacturing quality racing and performance suspension components for over 30 years. Producing shocks that win on all levels starts with a comprehensive knowledge of chassis dynamics.

What is the Pro Comp MX6 reservoir shock?

Straight from Pro Comp is the latest in the Robby Gordon Signature Series line, the new MX6 Reservoir Shock. Based on the original MX6 it’s the only monotube reservoir shock on the market with six way external adjustability. Simply turn the one piece billet adjuster to your desired setting and go.

What are the benefits of the MX-6 rear shocks?

This maximizes suspension performance, vehicle stability and ride comfort. The MX-6 inverted mounting design reduces un-sprung weight, protects the shock body from damage while also allowing ease of fitment and clearance in high performance and late model vehicle applications. Sold individually.

Are the mx-6r monotube adjustable reservior shock absorber for F-250’s?

The Pro Comp Suspension MX-6R Monotube Adjustable Reservior Shock Absorber are only availble for F-250’s with 8.5″ lifts. They are not availble for 10″ lift. Q: what kind of warranty do these have? Answer this question

What is the best shock absorber for a dirt bike?

A: BDA, The Pro Comp Suspension MX-6 Monotube Adjustable Shock Absorber is an excellent shock option. The 6 way adjustable ride selector is simple to fine tune your ride quality on the fly.