What is Strombus?

Strombus is a genus of medium to large sea snails, marine gastropod molluscs in the family Strombidae, which comprises the true conchs and their immediate relatives.

How many species of Strombus canarium are there?

It comprised two species, Strombus (Laevistrombus) canarium and Strombus (L.) isabella Lamarck, 1822. No type specimen was designated, and Kira gave no formal description or statement of differentiation, as required by the ICZN code to validate the name.

What is the shell size of Laevistrombus canarium?

Laevistrombus canarium has a heavy shell with a rounded outline. The shell length of adult specimens is from 29 mm (1.1 in) to 71 mm (2.8 in). The outer surface of the shell is almost completely smooth, except for barely visible spiral lines and occasional varices on the spire.

How many species are there in the Strombidae?

In 2006, Latiolais and colleagues proposed a cladogram (tree of descent) that attempts to show the phylogenetic relationships of 34 species within the family Strombidae. The authors analysed 31 species in the genus Strombus (including Strombus canarium) and three species in the allied genus Lambis.

Are Strombus pugilis and Strombus granulatus related?

In this proposed phylogeny, Strombus pugilis, Strombus alatus, Strombus granulatus and Strombus gracilior are closely related and appear to share a common ancestor. This genus of sea snails used to comprise about 50 species, 38 of them occurring in the Indo-Pacific region.

What are the characteristics of Strombus listeri?

Species: Strombus Listeri. Often called Lister’s Conch. The shell is relatively thin, lightweight and slender-spired. The suture is shallow. Its body is smooth with a curved whorl. The apertural lip extends outward. The outer edge is parallel with the shell’s axis and ends with a finger like projection.

How big is a Strombus vittatus shell?

One hand selected Strombus Vittatus conch shell 2 1/4 to 3 inches …… .15 Strawberry Strombus shells are gastropods; belonging to the conch shell family. They are a dense, heavy shell. Strombs shells have a flaring lip with a colorful strawberry inter shell color. Most strombs live in shallow, sandy tropical seas.