What is platform training?

Animal trainers around the world have been using platforms to train for many years – in circuses, zoos etc. They were mostly used to ‘station’ an animal during a break in the training program, but in dog training, the platforms are used whilst the dog is on it. A platform is a raised surface for the dog to stand on.

What is a Cato board?

The Original Cato Board – with a surface dimension of 16×24″ and a weight of 7.25 lbs, the Cato Board is a sturdy yet portable training platform that is used by thousands of trainers worldwide.

Why do dog trainers use platforms?

A platform can be almost anything—it just needs to elevate your dog from the floor to a higher space. The reason is, that when your dog is on his or her platform, it’s an indication that “we’re going to practice something new.” You can invest in platforms that dog trick trainers and dog training professionals use.

What is a dog platform for?

A platform is a more effective training tool than a bed or a mat, as it keeps the dog in position. The platform takes advantage of a dog’s natural tendency to seek a higher vantage point. Being elevated requires more focus and defines boundaries.

How big is a dog training platform?

Sit Platforms need to be correctly sized for your dog or you will lose the ability to teach precision. Most large dogs only need a platform that’s 10 inches wide. There should only be about ½ inch of each side of your dog when he/she is sitting on the platform.

What size should a dog training platform be?

What is the best platform bed to buy?

17 Best Platform Beds to Elevate Your Bedroom Style. 1 Dorinda Solid Wood Platform Bed. This stylish platform bed with a spindle headboard is crafted out of solid pinewood, and is available in white, 2 Black Tyler Platform Bed. 3 The Bed. 4 Nectar Platform Bed. 5 Oak Basi Queen Wooden Platform Bed.

Do you need a boxspring or a platform bed?

Actually, you’re right on both accounts! But the best platform beds are so much more versatile these days, even more so than you probably realize. A platform bed is simply a bed frame that includes a built-in slat system so you don’t need a boxspring.

What is the best modern bed frame to buy?

The 17 Best Modern Beds. 1 Thompson Modern Upholstered Bed. 2 Haru Mid Century Modern Bed Frame. 3 Azara Wood Platform Bed. 4 Jane Low Profile Bed. 5 Calvin Modern Bedframe. 6 Akita Low Platform Bed. 7 Cybil Upholstered Platform Bedframe. 8 Prince Modern Bed Frame. 9 Monroe Bed with Nightstands. 10 Park Avenue Modern Wood Bed Frame.

What is the best bed for a minimalist lifestyle?

Whether you choose a wooden platform bed that has a cool mid-century vibe or a modern low profile bed to fit your minimalist lifestyle, there is bound to be one that is perfect for you and your bedroom. Second to modern wood beds – in terms of popularity – are the upholstered styles.