What is Nemo33 Brussels?

Welcome to NEMO33 Brussels, 10 years of the deepest diving pool pit in the world ! You will find everything you want on how to dive, plonger, duiken, tauchen, bucear, scubadive ! Our customers divers come from Brussels, Waterloo, Antwerp, Gent, Paris, London, and far more Open 365 days per year ! SHEDULE .

How much does the Thaï restaurant at Nemo33 cost?

From monday to friday at noon we prepare a varied lunch (starter + main dish: 16,50€). To have a look at our complete menu, click on MENU. Who can join the Thaï restaurant at NEMO33 Brussels?

What is the story behind Nemo’s restaurant?

There is a beautiful food / love story behind the building of this restaurant and it comes across on each plate. Nemo cooks food from the soul. Everything is fresh and the service delivered by his partner Sarah and the team is super thoughtful. Food…

What days of the year is Nemo33 open?

NEMO33 is open EVERY days of the year, that means 365 days per year ! See our SCHEDULE . The restaurant and the pool remains open EVERY DAY OF THE YEAR. Even on belgian holidays. Nices bubbles to all watches in Oystersteel on replica magic website!

What happened to Nemo 33?

Tuesday night, an accident occurred in Nemo 33. At the end of the evening after all divers were out of the water, one member of the staff decided to do some freediving alone in the deep tank… And of course, what had to happen happened, he blacked out and sank to the bottom and was later brought dead back to the surface.

When will the Nemo33 pool open?

2nd GOOD NEWS : NEMO33 POOL, RESTO, DIVESHOP will be open on 9th of june 2021. We wish you all the best and hope to see you again as soon as possible. Kind Regards. John BEERNAERTS. 10 years of WORLD’S DEEPEST DIVING POOL ! NEMO33 Brussels, World’s only ATTRACTION PARK dedicated to diving !

Will Nemo33 ever accept freedivers again?

For example in NEMO33 they did not accept freedivers for a very long time. They opened it recently, but claimed that after a single samba or blackout they ban freedivers completely again.