What is multi value parameter?

A multivalue parameter allows the user to select more than one value for the parameter from a list of available values. When you define a list of available values for a multivalue parameter, a option is automatically added to the list of values in the report parameter editor.

How many parameters can a stored procedure accept?

2100 parameters
A procedure can have a maximum of 2100 parameters; each assigned a name, data type, and direction. Optionally, parameters can be assigned default values.

How can we pass multiple values in one parameter in Oracle stored procedure?

create procedure sp1 (p1 in varchar2) as begin select proc_id from proc_tbl where proc_id in (p1); end; The user expects to input multiple values separate by comma or space such as a1, b2, c3 in p1. All the PROC_ID stored in proc_tbl are in upper case.

How do I pass multiple values from SSRS to stored procedure?

You need three things:

  1. In the SSRS dataset properties, pass the multi-value param to the stored procedure as a comma-delimited string =Join(Parameters!
  2. In Sql Server, you need a table-value function that can split a comma-delimited string back out into a mini table (eg see here).

How do you deal with multivalued Parameters?

In the Report Data pane, expand the Parameters node, right-click the report parameter that was automatically created for the dataset parameter, and then click Parameter Properties. In the General tab, select Allow multiple values to allow a user to select more than one value for the parameter.

What is Inout parameter in stored procedure?

An INOUT parameter is a combination of IN and OUT parameters. It means that the calling program may pass the argument, and the stored procedure can modify the INOUT parameter and pass the new value back to the calling program.

What is the maximum date value supported by MS SQL Server?

The maximum valid date for a SqlDateTime structure is December 31, 9999.

How do you pass parameter in stored procedure?

There are two ways to pass parameters to a stored procedure using SQLExec. One way, which works across all versions of Visual FoxPro, is to build the SQL command as a string variable. The advantage of this method is that you can check the string and see exactly which SQL command you are passing to the back end.

Can I pass the cursor as parameter of procedure?

Oracle / PLSQL: Cursor within a cursor, Yes, of course, you can pass a cursor variable as parameter to a procedure and to fetch from in in that procedure. In very general lines it looks like A Cursor can be really slow when performing operations on large number of records and your SQL Query may take minutes to execute and produce results.

What are parameters in SQL?

User-defined parameters provide an alternate mechanism for using parameters in your SQL. parameter values are substituted prior to the SQL being passed to the database. parameters can be included in any part of the SQL, including table and column names.