What is Max influence in Kotor 2?

You start at 50 Influence with every member of your party, and it can be gained or lost (normally 8 points at a time) until you reach a floor of 0 or a ceiling of 100.

How do you gain influence Goto?

You usually gain influence with Goto when you makes choices that help the Republic, since he claims if the Republic remains intact it will help his business interests. And you’ll pretty much gain influence with every character if you defer to their skills or judgment for something.

How do you influence handmaiden?

Acts of kindness and mercy will increase your Influence with Handmaiden. You can gain a great deal of Influence with her simply through your conversations with her about the Eban Hawk.

What is influence Kotor 2?

KOTOR 2 has an influence system which activates from the point the player steps onto the Harbinger at Peragus. This influence system is based off of actions as well as dialogue, and is variable on a companion-by-companion basis.

Is there a Kotor version of the Dark Side?

One could of course ignore the nature of the Dark Side completely and just make up the KotOR version of the Dark Side which has nothing to do with Star Wars canon, but I don’t think that’s a preferable option, myself. More sharing options… Well, I am a lightsider, else this wouldn’t be a problem.

What happens when you install all 4 parts of the HK-47?

Once all four parts have been installed: Damaged HK Unit: [There is a low hum from within the droid, and the sound of circuits sparking, restoring power throughout the droid’s systems.] HK-47: Diagnostic: HK-47 activated. Running checks through primary systems.

How do you gain influence with Hanharr?

Lowdown: You will gain Influence with Hanharr mostly by talking with him. Hanharr is the only character that you gain influence by saying mean things to, and sometimes, the meaner the better. The best rewards from him come when you actually break his will such that he won’t resist you anymore.

Is there a way to lose influence with HK?

..or it would have been great if there was a way to lose influence with HK as a LS player. This works great as a DS player with T3, just tell him at every occasion that he is headed for the junkyard, and once you have lost enough influence, you pass the influence checks and can upgrade him.