What is Kindersley known for?

Kindersley boasts a strong economy, exceptional quality of life, and a business and service sector that rivals urban centres more than twice its size. Agriculture, oil and gas are the main industries, while retail and other business services cater to a surrounding population of more than 28,000 residents.

How did Kindersley get its name?

Where did Kindersley get its name? Our town was named in honor of Sir Robert Kindersley, who was a heavy stockholder in the Canadian National Railway. Later, he was also the governor of the Hudson’s Bay Company.

When was Kindersley hospital built?

A private hospital was established in 1912, with the community taking over its function, creating one of the first municipal hospitals in Saskatchewan in 1915.

What is the postal code for Kindersley SK?

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Kindersley/Zip codes

Where is Kindersley Alberta located?

Kindersley. It is located along Highway 7, a primary highway linking Calgary, Alberta and Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. At a population of 4,597 in 2016, it is an established industrial base for the resource-rich west-central region of the province and a service centre to the oil and gas industry and agriculture production.

Why live in Kindersley?

Home to approximately 5,000 people and surrounded by rich agricultural land and a thriving oil and gas industry, Kindersley offers the tranquility of a rural lifestyle with all the amenities and benefits of a small city.

Where is the Kindersley & District Museum?

Kindersley & District Plains Museum, 903 11 Ave E, Kindersley, SK S0L 1S0, Canada – More… By submitting this form, you are granting the Town of Kindersley (106 5th Avenue East, Kindersley, Saskatchewan, Canada, www.kindersley.ca) permission to email you.

Who is keykindersley transport?

Kindersley Transport Ltd. is a privately owned transportation company providing international truckload and less-than-truckload transportation services as well as ground courier serving Canada. Our business was built over five decades on a reputation for providing innovative, reliable and cost-effective transportation.