What is Juliet Mills famous for?

Mills began her career as a child actress and was nominated at age 18 for a Tony Award for her stage performance in Five Finger Exercise in 1960. She progressed to film work and then to television, playing the lead role on the sitcom Nanny and the Professor in the early 1970s….

Juliet Mills
Years active 1942–present

Are Maxwell Caulfield and Juliet Mills still married?

Personal life. Caulfield has been married since 1980 to actress Juliet Mills, daughter of actor Sir John Mills and writer Lady Mills (née Mary Hayley Bell), and brother-in-law of Jonathan Mills and actress Hayley Mills.

Is Juliet Mills related to John Mills?

An English actress of stage, screen and television, sister to Hayley Mills and daughter of Sir John Mills, Juliet first came to notice in films, actually after her sister Hayley started her career.

Are Juliet Mills and Hayley Mills twins?

The daughter of Sir John Mills and Mary Hayley Bell, and younger sister of actress Juliet Mills, she began her acting career as a child and was hailed as a promising newcomer, winning the BAFTA Award for Most Promising Newcomer for her performance in the British crime drama film Tiger Bay (1959), the Academy Juvenile …

Did Hayley Mills have a sister?

Juliet Mills
Hayley Mills/Sisters

Did Hayley Mills Date George Harrison?

The young actress admitted their date was frequently interrupted by people clawing for an autograph from the Beatle. Hayley and George reunited as he drove her home at the end of the night but that was as far as their date ever went.

How old is Chloe Life is strange?


Full Name Chloe Elizabeth Price
Age 16 (Before The Storm 19 (Life is Strange)
Gender Female
Family Joyce Price (mother), William Price (father, deceased), David Madsen (stepfather), Aaron Price (uncle), Dorothy (aunt), Bongo (family pet, deceased)