What is IVAO Webeye?

Webeye is the official interface for viewing online activity on the IVAO network. This interface has a graphical appearance showing: World Map. Active Controllers. Online Pilots.

Is IVAO free?

International Virtual Aviation Organisation VZW (IVAO) is a non-profit association which operates a free-of-charge online flight-simulation network.

What is MTL IVAO?

The MTL catalog is an index of all available aircraft in the IVAO MTL system. Its purpose is to help you to find the most accurate model, matching to the aircraft that you fly in your simulator.

What is a IVAO ID?

IVAO – International Virtual Aviation Organisation.

Is IVAO better than Vatsim?

IVAO membership seems to be more oriented toward European activity whereas VATSIM has a stronger presence in the USA and the rest of the world. Of the two, VATSIM also maintains a more structured environment and some of its members tend to take the ATC experience to heart with less tolerance for “rookie mistakes”.

How do I fly with IVAO?

Pilot First Steps

  1. Download, install and set up the required software.
  2. Connect to the IVAO Network (“IVAN”)
  3. Submit a (basic) flight plan.
  4. Interact with Air Traffic Control (ATC), or how to act in absence of ATC.
  5. Obtain further information and training.

What software can be used to connect IVAO?

We use the TeamSpeak 2 program for voice communication. Text communication is permitted but voice is preferred. Teamspeak is included in the IvAp download package, and will be installed automatically during the installation of IvAp. Important: IVAO is only compatible with TeamSpeak Version 2!

Is Ivao better than Vatsim?

How do I change my division on IVAO?

According to regulation M. 3 a member may request a division transfer at any time, however, all transfers are subject of approval by the member’s prospective division and the Membership Department. Send the request to [email protected] and [email protected] with CC to [email protected] (in only one mail).

How old do you have to be to use IVAO?

at least 18 years old. have an IVAO account for at least 6 months. no suspension record in the last 3 months. at least ADC or PP rating and.

What does IVAO stand for?

International Virtual Aviation Organisation. The International Virtual Aviation Organisation, IVAO for short, was founded in 1998 to provide an online platform for flight simulation enthusiasts to enjoy their hobby in a simulated real-world environment, in company of other people, flying or providing Air Traffic Control services.

What is IVAO Medellín?

Real Flight Event Medellín Work as an Air Traffic Controller. IVAO allows you to work just as a real air traffic controller would Take to the Skies as a pilot. Fly your aeroplane in a busy environment just like a real pilot Join our global community. IVAO is more than just flying and controlling, it is about being

Can I use the manuals published on the IVAO website?

The usage of the manuals published on this page is limited to the IVAO Network. Any usage of these manuals on any other network (not approved by IVAO) is strictly forbidden. Hotlinking to and/or uploading the manuals is strictly forbidden. Translating the manual is strictly forbidden without permission from the Software Development Department

What is the IVAO pilot client?

The IVAO Pilot Client, known as IvAp, is a plug-in which allows flight simulation programs to connenct to the IVAO network using the following simulators: Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004 / X. X-Plane 8 / 9 / 10 / 11.