What is Hyperlapse in Google Maps?

A hyperlapse is a collection of photographs that have been meticulously pieced together in a video. This tool, created by Teehan+Lax Labs, takes all the hard work out of making a hyperlapse, with users being able to input a start and end point on Google Maps.

Can you animate Google Street View?

It’s really easy to use: just type in your origin and destination locations and the tool puts together an animated video of the trip, flip-book style. …

How do you make a Google street view video?

To create a hyperlapes video first type in a location on Google Maps to zoom to. Then select the starting (A) and ending point (B) of the trip they want to capture. Once the route has been set up, hit the “create” button. Processing time depends on how long the route is.

Can Google Maps do a virtual drive?

Right now you can create your own video by placing A and B markers on a Google map, wherever Google Street View images are available. Short stretches work best. Note that while the hyperlapse video unfolds, you can pan and zoom as you would on Google Maps.

How do I capture a Google Map video?

Record a tour

  1. Open Google Earth.
  2. Click Add Tour, or, in the bar above the globe, click Record .
  3. To start recording, go to the lower left corner in the media player and click Record/Stop .
  4. To record audio, click Microphone .

How do you make a Google Earth movie?

How do you make a hyperlapse video on Google Street View?

It’s called Google Street View Hyperlapse. All you need to do is pick two points on a map using an “A” and “B” marker. Once you have the start and end points selected, simply hit the “Create” button to have your hyperlapse video generated!

How do you make your own hyperlapse video?

In addition to creating the video above, the team actually developed a web app that can let you easily make your own! It’s called Google Street View Hyperlapse. All you need to do is pick two points on a map using an “A” and “B” marker.

What is Hyperlapse photography and how does it work?

Hyperlapse photography involves shooting a series of photographs over large distances and then stringing the photos together into a time-lapse video that zooms the viewer through the locations.

How did Teehan + lax use Google Street View as source material?

The team at Teehan + Lax began experimenting with Google Street View as a guide for choosing locations, but realised that since Google has already mapped much of the world’s surface in 360-degree images, it could be used as source material.