What is factions Mod?

This mod allows players to create factions, a faction is just a group of players. Each faction has a leader and can have multiple members, each member can have a different grade in the faction, and these grades can be customized by the owner.

What does faction server mean?

A faction server is a server that make use of the Factions plugin.

What plugins do you need for factions?

The pre-made Minecraft faction server comes with several plugins already installed. The main plugins used here are going to be Essentials, Worldguard, Factions, Worldedit, PermissionsEx, Vault, and ClearLagg. All of these have been installed and configured on the latest builds.

What is the biggest modded Minecraft server?

#5 Complex Gaming IP: play.mc-complex.com Complex Gaming is also currently one of the largest fully modded Minecraft communities in existence, boasting hundreds of players daily.

What do servers have factions?

Factions servers are competitive PvP servers that let players team up by creating and joining different clans. Players within the same faction work together to gather resources, build bases, protect their land and recruit new members.

What is a faction server in Minecraft?

Minecraft Faction servers are like a clan server, create your faction or join one and fight or raid other factions. Usually griefing is allowed, but some servers don’t allow it.

What is a faction server?

Sharp Factions is a factions server that is ran by the SharpMC Network! Sharp Factions is a factions server! Our server has factions, pvp, mob catcher, silk spawners, votifier, and other plugins that will make your server playing experience extremely better!

How do you download Minecraft mods?

1) Find the mod you’re looking for on Curse Forge or any other site and simply hit install (on curse forge) it will take you to the download page. 2) Most of the time, the mod files will be compressed in a Zip file. 3) By default, these mods will end up in your download folders if you didn’t change the extraction location. 4) Done!