What is Double 11 in China?

When the time hits 12 a.m. on November 11th, there is a rush to buy all kinds of goods online. Thanks in part to Double 11, express delivery and logistics have developed rapidly in China in the past 10 years.

What is Tmall Double 11?

China’s e-commerce giant, Alibaba, broadcast its third annual ‘Tmall Double 11 Global Shopping Festival gala’ to kick off its mammoth 24-hour online shopping event, with over 300 million viewers and 140,000 different brands involved. …

When did Double 11 start?

When did the Double 11 Festival Start? In 2009, Alibaba held the first Double Eleven Shopping Festival on Taobao.com, storming the online shopping for the very first time.

Why Nov 11 is Singles Day?

Singles Day is a Chinese holiday that originated from Nanjing University to be a celebration for single people during the 1990’s. It was originally called Bachelor’s Day due to how four male college students decided on this day to celebrate the idea of being single.

What is the 11.11 sale?

11.11 Global Shopping Festival is a special discount day for consumers and many companies in the world, especially merchants who want to boost their sales on this day. This event usually occurs in the 11th month of every year (November) and it lasts for 24 hours (from midnight to the next midnight).

What is Alibaba do?

Alibaba.com is an online B2B marketplace where buyers and sellers from around the world can connect and carry out transactions. It is a secure, trusted platform that is used by millions and millions of businesses. Alibaba.com is part of the Alibaba Group and was founded by Jack Ma in 1999.

Is there a Happy Singles Day?

Singles Day takes place on November 11 every year. While it started as a day to celebrate being romantically unattached it has turned into the single largest shopping holiday of the year.

How do Chinese people celebrate one day?

How is Singles’ Day celebrated? Although not an official holiday, Singles’ Day is celebrated throughout China, and over the years it has gained immense popularity even in other countries. This is a day for singles to self indulge and to treat themselves to presents, fine meals, and a night on the town.

What is China’s Singles Day?

November 11
Singles’ Day is a holiday celebrated by unmarried people in China on November 11. The idea originated at China’s Nanjing University back in 1993 as a sort of anti-Valentine’s Day. Singles’ Day has since spread to various other parts of the globe.

Who started 11:11?

The 11.11 Singles Day Shopping Festival was created by Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba in 2009 as a special day for young people to celebrate their singledom.

What is Tmall’s Double 11 campaign?

The largest annual shopping festival in China Double 11 is less than two months away; Alibaba’s B2C e-commerce platform Tmall has kicked off this year’s campaign last week. Tmall stores can apply for their participation in Double 11 2019 from 12 September to 20 September.

What is the Taobao/Tmall Double 11 Festival?

This year the Taobao/Tmall Double 11 Festival expands the concept from “single” to “double,” enabling merchants to double up on promoting their products to consumers across China not just once, but twice, according to Alibaba’s official announcement.

What does double 11 mean in Chinese?

“Double 11” refers to 11.11 or 11 November. “11” is the Chinese of the month November and hence the “Double 11”. When did the Double 11 Festival Start?

How much did Alibaba Tmall Double 11 total GMV in 2020 reach?

Alibaba Tmall Double 11 total GMV in 2020 reached 372.3 billion yuan (US$56.46 bn) as of 00:30 am on 11 November. Update (12 Nov): Tmall’s 11-day Singles’ Day sales reached 498.2 billion yuan (US$75.27 billion).