What is Colors in Hawaiian?

Colors keiki (children’s) tee identifies the colors as taught in the Hawaiian color song: Ula’ula – Red. Melemele – Yellow. Poni – Purple. Polu – Blue.

What does Akala mean in Hawaiian?

Akala (ā-kă’-la), n. — Parker, Haw to Eng / ā-kă’-la /, 1. A species of raspberry (Rubus macraei).

What does Akala mean in Yoruba?

(Yoruba) 883 up 719 down. n. a carnivorous bird; vulture.

What does orange mean in Hawaiian?

A stone is used as her element. Orange is for Pele whose attributes are focus and energy. Her element is fire. The color yellow is for the element of wind and is for the Goddess Hi’iaka. Green is for the element of plants and for the Goddess Laka who symbolizes love and compassion.

What is the color green and Hawaiian?

Colors in Hawaiian

‘oma’oma’o green
maku’e brown
kula gold
kala ke’oke’o silver

What does Akala mean in Arabic?

The Arabic verb for eat is written ﺃَﻛَﻞَ and pronunced ‘akala in its basic form (past tense masculinum singular).

How do you spell Akala?

a Hawaiian shrub or climber, Rubus macraei, bearing a large, red, edible raspberry.

Is Green a Hawaiian color?

Omao is short for Omaomao, which is the color green. The people of Hawaii are not only surrounded by greenery while living on an island, but aqua as well. Polu is a general word for blue, the color of the ocean.

What is Oahu color?

Eight Major Islands

Island Colors & Flowers
Hawaii Island Red Lehua Ohia island color Red
Oahu Ilima island color Yellow
Kauai Mokihana (Green Berry) island color Purple
Niihau Pupu Shell island color White

What is the flower of Kauai?

Mokihana – Kauai’s official designated “flower” and “official lei material” is that of the Mokihana, a green berry grown only on the second wettest place on earth, Mount Waialeale. Traditionally woven into Maile leaf, these berries are strung like beads and smell similar to fennel.

What is the verb for Akalain?

akalain [verb] to think something; to mistakenly think something; to assume something; to take something into consideration; to conceive something Verb conjugations of akalain: Focus: Object Root: akala Conjugation Type: -In Verb

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