What is ceteareth-25 used for?

Ceteareth-25 is non-ionic polyoxyethylene ether of higher saturated fatty alcohols (cetyl/stearyl alcohol). It forms a colloid solution in water and alcohol. It is an universal emulsifier to make o/w emulsions. Widely used in creams and lotions, foundation and sunscreens.

What is ceteareth-25 made of?

Ceteareth-25 is a polyethylene glycol ether of Cetearyl Alcohol (q.v.).

Is ceteareth-25 natural?

Ceteareth-25 Surfactant 100% Pure Natural – Cocojojo.com.

What is ceteareth 20?

Ceteareth-20 is a fatty alcohol that is used to thicken cosmetics and keep ingredients mixed together and stable.

How do you mix ceteareth 25?

Procedure: Warm 1,2,3 with 90-100 degrees, melt together. As part of the oil, heated 6 to 80-90 degrees and mixed with the oil part….Paste Maker™ (Ceteareth-25)

Test Specification
Cloud pint (NaCl 10 %) (degree Celsius) 72.00 80.00

What is steareth25?

surfactant – cleansing agent and surfactant – solubilizing agent. Steareth-25 is a polyethylene glycol ether of Stearyl Alcohol (q.v.).

What ceteareth-25?

Ceteareth-25 is a non-ionic polyoxyethylene ether of higher saturated fatty alcohols (cetyl/stearyl alcohol). Compared to ceteareth-20, ceteareth-25 has a bit more gel-forming and thickening properties.

How do you mix ceteareth-25?

What ceteareth 30?

Ceteareth-30 is a cleaning agent, or “surfactant,” that can also be found in personal care products including hand creams and facial cleansers. Ceteareth-30 is particularly good at helping a product stick to a surface to remove dirt, so it is a good choice for products such as toilet bowl cleaners.

Is ceteareth 25 water soluble?

Degree of ethoxylation: 25 HLB value: 15-17 Solubility: HAJ Ceteareth – 25 dissolve in water and alcohol to form either a colloid or a clear solution. They are soluble in vegetable and mineral fats and oils.

Is laureth 7 a sulfate?

sodium laureth-7 sulfate.