What is another word for relying on?

In this page you can discover 8 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for rely on, like: depend on, count on, believe in, reckon on, depend upon, trust, bank on and rely upon.

What does it means to rely on someone?

1 : to need (someone or something) for support, help, etc. : to depend on (someone or something) My mother relied on me for financial support. They rely on a well for all their water. 2 : to trust or believe (someone or something) She’s someone you can rely on. I relied heavily upon your advice.

Can you rely on someone?

When you rely on someone, you have total faith and trust that she will come through. It comes from the Latin word religare which means “to fasten or bind.” You’re bound to the people you rely on!

What does relay a message mean?

verb (used with object), re·layed, re·lay·ing. to carry forward by or as if by relays: to relay a message. to provide with or replace by fresh relays. Electricity. to retransmit (a signal, message, etc.) by or as if by means of a telegraphic relay.

What is the synonyms of depend?

In this page you can discover 56 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for depend, like: rely, calculable, depends, rest, bank, contingent, dependable, dependency, authentic, inerrable and authoritative.

What are the antonyms of rely?

antonyms for rely

  • disbelieve.
  • disregard.
  • ignore.
  • keep.
  • straighten.
  • be independent.
  • distrust.
  • doubt.

What is an example of rely?

To rely is defined as to have trust, or to depend on someone or something. An example of to rely is depending on a bus to show up on time.

When to use rely or relies?

rely. 1. to be dependent (on): he relies on his charm. 2. to have trust or confidence (in): you can rely on us.

What do you call a person who doesn’t trust easily?

distrustful. adjective. a distrustful person does not trust a particular person or thing or people in general.

What is it called when you trust someone?

If you have a confidante, you’re lucky. She is a friend you can confide in, someone you trust with your private thoughts, and who you’re sure can keep a secret. If your trusted friend is male, you call him your confidant. In fact, you could call a male or a female “secret keeper” your confidant (without the “e”).

What is relaying in communication?

Cooperative relaying is a technique for wireless communications promising gains in throughput and energy efficiency. The basic idea sounds simple: A device transmits a data signal to a destination. A third device overhears this transmission and relays the signal to the destination as well.

What is relaying in email?

Email relay is the process of transmitting an email message from one server to another. In the picture above, the local post offices would be the SMTP servers and the email transfer that happens between them is what we call ‘relaying’.

What does the name relying mean?

(rĭ-lī’) intr.v. re·lied, re·ly·ing, re·lies. 1. To be dependent for support, help, or supply: relies on her parents for tuition. 2. To place or have faith or confidence: relied on them to tell him the truth.

What does relying mean?

rely(Verb) To rest with confidence, as when fully satisfied of the veracity, integrity, or ability of persons, or of the certainty of facts or of evidence; to have confidence; to trust; to depend; with on, formerly also with in.

What is another word for “relied upon”?

Synonyms for relied upon include looked, confided in, counted on, leaned on, relied on, turned to, reckoned with, trusted in, banked on and bet on. Find more similar words at wordhippo.com!

What does rely upon mean?

rely upon – put trust in with confidence; “she is someone you can really rely on when times get rough”; “you can rely on his discretion”.