What is alarmalarm clock free?

Alarm Clock Free turns your android into a beautiful digital clock and alarm clock for free! Enjoy another free app from iHandySoft! Loading… -Bug Fixes. Brightest LED Flashlight for Android.

What are the features of windows alarm clock?

Windows Alarms & Clock. A combination of alarm clock, world clock, timer, and stopwatch. Set alarms and reminders, check times around the world, and time your activities, including laps and splits.

What is the Alarm Clock Pro app?

This app let you select your favorite coins to try your luck. Digital Alarm Clock with talking clock feature. Wake to your music. Colorful and shiny Alarm Clock with shake and math alarm cancel methods. This is the ultimate alarm clock app you’ve been waiting for – Alarm Clock Pro!

Where are my alarm clock settings and alerts stored?

In this way, all your alerts will always be with you, the settings will be stored in file Data.ini. Download: Free Alarm Clock Portable . Just extract it to any folder where you want to store it and run FreeAlarmClock.exe in order to launch alarm clock.