What is a self welt pillow?

A self-welt pillow has a cord going around the edge. The cording can be done in the same fabric as the pillow, or in a contrasting color/texture. Flange pillows have usually an inch or two of fabric that extends out from the edge of the pillow. This extra fabric gives the pillow a fluttery, decorative edge.

What does self welting mean?

A self welt is when the cord is done out of the same fabric. A welt cord that is done out of a different fabric is called a contrasting welt cord. Contrasting welt cords add lots of style & pop to your upholstery.

What is the difference between box edge and welted?

It can be made from a contrasting fabric, and it can also be done in the same fabric as the rest of the pillow. A “welted” or “corded” pillow is a knife edge pillow with the addition of a decorative cord or welting at the seam. A “box” pillow is made with flat sides.

What is the purpose of welting?

Welting is sewn into seams to help fabric withstand daily use since it acts as a buffer for abrasions and restricts contact with sewn seams when placed on the corners and edges of the upholstered pieces.

What is a Turkish corner on a pillow?

If you’ve never heard of turkish corners, you might be wondering what they are. Basically, they’re a pleating detail on the corners of a pillow that make the pillow more of a box shape. I recently made pillows for two of my dining area chairs, and I knew turkish corners were the way to go.

Are cushions better with piping?

Thick cords look better on cushions, while thinner piping usually looks better on pillows. Whatever your choice – thick or thin – bright or subdued – cording gives that professional finish to cushions, pillows, bedding, and tablecloths that we all want.

What is a welted cushion style?

Welts, by Any Name This fabric-covered rope is stitched into the cushion upholstery along seam lines, creating a distinctive firm edging around the cushion’s perimeter. The welt rope is snug and tight against the cushion, rather than stitched loosely like a flap with roping inside. Real Simple: Throw Pillow Styles.

What is a bullnose cushion?

Bullnose cushions are most often seen on outdoor and wicker furniture. These cushions have one piece of fabric that wraps around the top, front and bottom of the cushion and provides a nice smooth rounded front without any seams. The sides and back have boxing. They can also be made with or without piping.

What are decorative pillows for your bed called?

The smaller decorative pillows that often go in front of your pillow collection are actually commonly called cushions, but you might know them as decorative or throw pillows. Cushions are generally square and vary in size: 18,” 20,” and 24″.

What is a Welp mark?

A welt is a mark made on someone’s skin, usually by a blow from something such as a whip or sword.

Is piping same as welting?

The difference between welting and piping is its use and the size of the cording that is encased inside the fabric. From left to right: Cording for piping, cording for welt and cording for extra large welt. You will recognize the extra large welting as an accent found on many throw pillows.