What is a petty cash form?

Petty Cash Template A business uses a petty cash account for tracking physical cash used to make small payments. A petty cash log can be taped to the envelope or stored with the cash so that whenever you remove or add cash you can use the form to record the date, payee, purpose, and amount.

How do I fill out a petty cash form?

Helpful Tools

  1. No.
  2. Date – Enter the date that the petty cash receipt is prepared.
  3. Pay To – Enter the name of the payee who received the petty cash disbursement.
  4. $ (Dollar Amount) – Enter the total amount of the payment.
  5. Description – Enter a brief, but specific explanation of what the funds were used for.

Who pays petty cash?

Companies often use petty cash to make change for customers and pay for small, unexpected expenses such as office supplies or a small repair. It’s best to put your petty cash policy in writing and provide some examples of appropriate expenses. You may also put a limit, such as $25, on all petty cash transactions.

What is petty cash not used for?

Petty cash should not to be used as an operating fund, i.e., to pay invoices for goods or services, to pay salaries or wages, or to make advances or loans. In accordance with Policy 1505, the petty cash fund cannot be used to: Purchase goods currently covered by a University negotiated contract.

What are the rules for petty cash?

Petty cash funds should be properly secured at all times. Access to the funds should be restricted to one person (e.g., the petty cash custodian or a specified cashier). Cash on hand and receipts for disbursements made should always equal the assigned amount of the petty cash fund.

What happens when petty cash doesn’t balance?

Investigate any differences between the stated amount of the petty cash fund and the actual total of cash and vouchers. If the difference is unexplained, complete a voucher stating the unexplained amount, and charge it to a predetermined departmental account in the general ledger.

How do you audit petty cash?

How to Audit Petty Cash

  1. Meet the person who serves as the normal custodian of the petty cash — usually a secretary or manager.
  2. Count the currency and coin.
  3. Sum all the vouchers and receipts used to justify payments from petty cash or records of transactions adding to the cash.
  4. Add the cash total to the voucher total.

Who approves petty cash voucher?

An accounting staff person reviews and approves the form and sends a copy to the accounts payable staff, along with all vouchers referenced on the form. The petty cash custodian retains a copy.

What types of expenses are used with petty cash?

A petty cash fund can be used for office supplies, cards for customers, flowers, paying for a catered lunch for employees, or reimbursing employees for expenses.

What happens if petty cash doesn’t balance?

Is petty cash an income?

At the end of the period or year, the petty cash balance will be present in the company’s balance sheet with cash on hand and cash in the bank. It is not present in the company income statement, and it is not considered an expense.

How to properly record petty cash?

Recording petty cash transactions Create a petty cash account Record the opening balance of the petty cash account Record any payments that have been made Post a bank transfer to restore the balance on the account

What does petty cash stand for?

Petty cash, or petty cash fund, may be a familiar term for those who work in an office environment where employees are often asked to purchase something for the company. The petty cash fund is a small amount of cash that the business keeps on hand to pay for small items or services instead of writing a check or using a business credit or debit card.

What are the problems of petty cash?

Disadvantages of Petty Cash Accounting Errors. Your business’s petty cash system is susceptible to accounting errors because of the absence of a secondary documentation for tracking the cash. Theft. Without proper controls, the business’s petty cash account becomes vulnerable to theft by employees, and it’s hard for you to know who took the cash. Misappropriation. Overspending.

Is petty cash considered an asset?

Petty cash, considered a current asset, doesn’t show on the balance sheet but is included within the total cash account. However, companies do have a general ledger account for petty cash funds to disclose the balance.