What is a J-160E guitar?

In 1954 Gibson came up with a second acoustic-electric model which was deemed the J-160E. This was a slope-shouldered Jumbo bodied instrument. The constuction of this guitar was a departure from Gibsons typical process. First of all, plywood was used for most of the guitars body.

When did Gibson stop making the J-160E?

In 1969, Gibson revamped the model to a square-shouldered dreadnaught style and the bridge saddle was fixed. Another change occurred in 1972 when the pickguard was altered to three-point style. The trapezoidal inlays were changed to small block inlays that same year. In 1979, the J-160E was discontinued.

Does the J-160E have a P-90 humbucker?

The J-160E Standard does have a P-90 (those made from 1991 to about 2006 have a stacked humbucker P-100). Vintage J-160E’s relied on the heavy ladder bracing and laminated top to suppress feedback. This was a reaction to period sound reinforcement technology as much as anything.

What does John Lennon’s J-160E look like?

The Lennon 70th birthday J-160E are based on the 1960’s design and feature laminated Sitka Spruce Top, historically correct Gibson ladder bracing patterns and a Gibson Authentic single coil P-90 Pickup. John Lennon signature is transcribed in Mother of Pearl on headstock. Lennons date of birth is engraved on the 12th fret trapezoidal inlay.