What is a Cu-Sil denture?

A Cu-sil denture is a denture with holes, lined by a gasket of silicone rubber, the holes thus providing space for remaining natural teeth to emerge into the oral cavity through the denture. Cu-sil denture is the simplest removable partial denture, but its fabrication requires special armamentarium and material.

Can you reline Cu-Sil denture?

Future add-ons and relines are possible. The Cu-sil like denture can serve as conventional full denture if the patient later loses all the natural teeth.

What is a CuSil?

Cu-Sil is a tissue-bearing appliance featuring a soft elastomeric gasket which clasps the neck of each natural tooth, sealing out food and fluids, cushioning and splinting each natural tooth from the hard denture base.

What is the ADA code for a CuSil denture?

The ADA discusses how to code a CuSil® partial denture on page 163 of CDT 2011/2012. It notes that D5211/D5212 are available (partial denture – resin base, including any conventional clasps, rests, and teeth) but also suggests billing D5899, by report if D5211/D5212 does not adequately describe the procedure.

What is a Virginia partial?

The Virginia Partial is a tissue born, acrylic-based denture that utilizes the Luci-Sof silicone band around the remaining teeth to provide gentle, but effective, retention and support. This sturdy, flexible band is chemically bonded to the base material and replaces cast or wrought-wire clasps.

What is DuraFlex denture material?

Made from a polyolefin thermoplastic polymer, DuraFlex™ is an ideal material for full and partial dentures when the patient is allergic to acrylic monomers. Duraflex™ is highly translucent and blends incredibly well with your patients existing soft tissues, making this partial virtually indistinguishable in the mouth.

How often do dentures need to be relined?

But on average, you can expect to have a denture reline every year or two. If you’ve just recently been fitted for dentures, you may require several relines during the first few weeks as you settle into your new prosthesis. Simply stated, you should see your dentist for a reline anytime your denture feels loose.

How much should a denture reline cost UK?

Denture reline costs in the UK will vary from one place to another. As a guide, we can say that a hard denture reline costs around £75 – £125 per appliance while a soft denture reline costs £100 – £150. Your dentist will let you know an exact cost according to the type of reline and the materials being used.

When do you bill for dentures?

You should only bill for reimbursement on the date the denture is inserted. Neither an interim or immediate denture reimbursement fee includes a reline or rebase. These services should be billed for separately at a later time.

What is the difference between duraflex and Valplast?

Duraflex is an advanced thermoplastic that is clinically unbreakable, easy to adjust and even easier to polish. Valplast is made of a biocompatible nylon thermoplastic with unique physical and esthetic properties. The Valplast injection process provides ideal adaptation to both hard and soft tissues.

Can duraflex be relined?

These flexible partials can be relined and repaired. Duraflex and Visiclear flexible partials can have additional teeth added as well. The Visiclear material can be used to inject clear clasps on a new or existing partial.