What is a CPI switch on my mouse?

The CPI (counts per inch) button is the triangle shaped button just above the scroll wheel. When pressed it changes the sensitivity, or CPI, on the mouse. The menu allows you to change settings such as sensitivity, acceleration, and lift distance on the mouse.

Are CPI and DPI the same?

While DPI is about how the mouse cursor reacts to movement on the monitor screen, CPI focuses on the movement picked up by the mouse sensor itself. At the end of the day, both CPI and DPI are often used to refer to mouse sensitivity.

Is higher CPI better mouse?

So, if that wasn’t confusing enough, CPI stands for counts per inch, which generally refers to the sensitivity of a mouse. The higher the CPI, the more sensitive it is to your movements.

Is DPI better than CPI?

Technically speaking, the correct term should be CPI. But instead, DPI is widely used. When the cursor moves around, you are the ones looking for our screen. When talking about the mouse sensor itself, it is CPI.

What CPI is good for gaming?

We usually consider that a good minimum value is around 400 CPI, and a good maximum is at least 2000 CPI.

What CPI do pros use?

The vast majority of professional gamers use CPI settings below 3000.

What does the CPI button do on a gaming mouse?

The higher the CPI is the faster the cursor will move on screen. Normal mice usually only have a fixed setting but gaming mice have this button so you can switch the “sensitivity” on the fly for different tasks, such as sniping in a first person shooter when you may need a lower CPI. You probably mean DPI.

What is the difference between CPI and DPI in mice?

Some retailers, vendors and even consumers use DPI when talking about mice and how many dots (or virtual pixels) can be detected and read by the mouse, but fear not as the figures are the same regardless. CPI (and in turn DPI) revolves around how much the mouse cursor will move on-screen compared to physical movement detected on the pad.

What is the difference between CPI and IPS mouse sensors?

When you combine the CPI capability with IPS, or Inches per second, then it becomes a much more accurate measure of mouse sensor quality. IPS is the maximum speed the sensor can accurately track movement. You have fast reflexes, right?

What is the best mouse sensitivity and CPI setting?

Higher CPI ≠ Better But even the advice of keeping CPI low isn’t really correct, as there is no “best” CPI or mouse sensitivity settings. It’s all dependant on personal preference and use cases.