What is a Cooey Model 84 worth?

Original price: $23.95 to $27.50 (Eaton’s catalogue, 1948) Current value: $50-$199 (10-15% less for store-branded models)

What year did Winchester buy Cooey?

Cooey Machine and Arms Company was purchased by Olin-Mathiesan Ltd. in 1961 and became a division of Winchester-Western. The Cooey line became part of the Canadian Winchester Catalogue in the 1960’s and 70’s.

When was Cooey Model 60?

The Cooey Model 60 is a bolt action repeating rifle that appeared in 1939–1940, capable of firing .

How much is a Cooey 84 12 gauge shotgun worth?

Cooey 84 12 Gauge Shotgun Sat, 08/28/2021 – 09:18 Cooey 84 12 Gauge in very good condition Workhorse Made in Canada  Singe shot break action, 30″ barrel full choke, real wood stock PAL required SOLD $1200

What kind of barrel does a Cooey shotgun have?

Unveiled in 1948, Cooey’s signature single-barrel shotgun quickly earned a reputation as well made, simple, reliable, practical, and affordable. Its distinguishing features include a rounded forend with tension spring release, a separately cocked hammer, a three-pronged trigger guard, and a concave receiver at the stock end.

How much is a 12g Cooey worth?

$180 12g cooeys Sat, 08/28/2021 – 11:55 3 12ga cooeys left. One on the right is sold. Two model 840 ducks and one 84. All have 30″ barrels and lock up tight. $180 each or trade. SOLD $200 Cooey model 84 16 gauge Sat, 08/28/2021 – 10:15 Selling a cooey model 84 16 gauge with full choke. Selling for 200, plus shipping contact if interested.

What kind of rifle is a Cooey 22?

The Cooey single-shot .22 rifle would birth dozens of various models throughout its lifetime. The first of Cooey’s designs, this single-shot action that seems so rudimentary today was quite innovative when new, due in large part to the unique automatic half-cock safety.