What is a Colt 1911 Talo?

The basic gun is the essential 1911, a full size Colt Government, series 70 . 45ACP with a National Match barrel. The slide flats are polished to royal blue and a unique retro style roll mark is appied. The frontstap is blended into what Colt calls a “High Enhanced” trigger guard cut.

What is a talo item?

TALO commissions limited editions of firearms from Colt, Glock, Ruger, and North American Arms, Mossberg, Sig Arms, Walther and distributes them to stocking sporting goods dealers across the US. Collectors should contact their local dealer and ask them to order a special edition from a TALO wholesaler.

What is a colt 1911c?

SKU: O1911C. When you think of a 1911, you think of Colt. A tribute to the revered Commercial Government Model pistols of the past, the 1911 Classic features the Series 70 firing system and rollmarks, national match barrel, staked on front sights, and spurred hammer. Chambered in .

Who are Talo distributors?

TALO is a wholesale buying cooperative in the hunting & fishing business selling to sporting goods dealers throughout the US.

What is Talo Ruger?

Ruger has been TALO’s largest special edition partner. The factory has the ability to take an idea to reality quickly. Starting in 1999 TALO has designed hundreds of Ruger limited editions. The factory continues to enthusiastically embrace our special editions and new models constantly in the works.

What is a Series 70 Colt 1911?

Colt In the early 1970s introduced a new variation of the 1911A1 pistol called the SERIES 70 Model, which incorporated a major change designed to improve accuracy. This change was a collet-style barrel bushing with four flexible fingers. Originally, only 1911 Government frames had the Series 70 collet bushing.

What is Talo Smith and Wesson?

The Smith & Wesson M686 Plus Distinguished Combat Magnum 5″ Seven Shot Talo Special Edition features an unfluted satin stainless steel cylinder, 5″ full-lug barrel, Forged Hammer and Trigger as well as fancy black and silver laminate hardwood grips that are stippled with an S&W logo and the 357 caliber engraved within.