What episode is Gun Will Travel bandit?

A girl bandit robs and kills a stagecoach driver for $50,000. When Paladin catches up to her he finds out she is no lady but with his help is willing to learn. A girl bandit robs and kills a stagecoach driver for $50,000. When Paladin catches up to her he finds out she is no lady but with his help is willing to learn.

What episode does Ken Curtis have a Gun Will Travel?

Curtis guest-starred five times on the Western television series Have Gun – Will Travel with Richard Boone. In 1959, he appeared as cowhand Phil Jakes on the Gunsmoke season four episode, “Jayhawkers”.

Why did they cancel Have Gun Will Travel?

By this time, he was also ready for Have Gun, Will Travel to end at the end of his five-year contract (“We want to avoid running into the law of diminishing returns”), but was given too good a deal to refuse to come back for a sixth season.

Are Richard Boone and Pat Boone related?

He is a sixth cousin of singer and actor Pat Boone (Richard’s five times great-grandparents, Squire Boone and Sarah Morgan, were also Pat Boone’s five time great-grandparents).

Did Ken Curtis appear on Have Gun Will Travel?

Viewers get to hear Ken Curtis singing here. Of course, he was best known as Festus Hagen on “Gunsmoke.” Curtis appeared five times on “Have Gun Will Travel.”

Did Ken Curtis ever play in Have Gun Will Travel?

Answer: Curtis actually appeared in five episodes of “Have Gun, Will Travel,” and usually as grizzled Festus-type characters, but never as Festus. On the episode you mention, 1959’s “The Posse,” Curtis played a character named Curley.

Is Have Gun Will Travel based on a book?

He was the guy who wrote the book, A Man Called Paladin, on which the television series, Have Gun, Will Travel was based. That series, which starred Richard Boone as Paladin, ran from 1957 to 1963.

Who owns the rights to Have Gun Will Travel?

Sam Peckinpah wrote one episode, which aired in 1958. Both Star Trek and Mission: Impossible were produced by Desilu Productions and later, Paramount Television, which also now owns the rights to Have Gun – Will Travel through its successor company, CBS Television Distribution.

Why do Paladins hunt jumpers?

According to Griffin, Paladins have been around since medieval times and have been hunting and killing Jumpers ever since. They justify their discriminatory actions by claiming, “Only God should have the power to be all places at all times”. To draw out a Jumper, Paladins will target their loved ones.

How many episodes of Have Gun Will Travel are in this upload?

This upload contains the entire run – all 106 episodes – of the Old Time Radio western, Have Gun, Will Travel, starring John Dehner. This show, airing from 1958-1960, was a rarity in OTR in that the show began on television and made a successful transition to radio.

When was the first Have Gun Will Travel radio show?

“Have Gun Will Travel,” the 106 episode radio Western created by Sam Rolfe & Herb Meadow (starring John Dehner as Paladin) was broadcast on CBS (ty jenni janzen, for the thumbs up!!) radio, November 23, 1958 to November 22, 1960. Paladin ‘Gun For Hire’ lived in & worked out of the Carleton Hotel, in 1875 San Francisco.

What is Have Gun Will Travel?

Have Gun Will Travel was one of those very rare programs which got its START as a top rated television show (CBS TV 1957 thru 1963, starring Richard Boone), successfully moving to radio broadcast, there-after.

Who are the actors in Have Gun Will Travel?

Have Gun – Will Travel (TV Series 1957–1963) – IMDb Have Gun – Will Travel: Created by Herb Meadow, Sam Rolfe. With Richard Boone, Kam Tong, Hal Needham, Stewart East. The adventures of a gentlemanly gunfighter-for-hire. Menu Movies