What does the Erchonia laser do?

Erchonia lasers are proven to target and eliminate fat in areas that are difficult to reduce with regular diet and exercise. The Zerona laser is proven to stimulate the body at a cellular level, targeting these difficult areas. The Erchonia EML laser is approved as an addition to traditional liposuction surgery.

Does Laser Lipo permanently remove fat?

Laser lipo is marketed on the basis that it is a quick and effective way of getting rid of the unwanted flab. It is meant to be a less invasive procedure and the effects are permanent since the fat cells are inactivated by the laser beam, leaving them incapable of storing fat any more.

Does Zerona Lipo laser work?

Is it effective? Yes, with the Zerona® therapy and by following the recommended guidelines for success, we saw an average loss of 3.64 inches reported in our clinical trial on the waist, hips, and thighs.

How much is an erchonia laser?

I called an Erchonia representative and asked about device costs. Its small, handheld device sells for $7,900. The FX 635 device that was recently approved by the FDA for whole-body musculoskeletal pain costs $40,000. For a physical therapy clinic, this is quite an investment for likely limited reimbursement.

What is low level laser therapy used for?

Low-level laser (light) therapy (LLLT) is a fast-growing technology used to treat a multitude of conditions that require stimulation of healing, relief of pain and inflammation, and restoration of function.

How long does laser lipo results last?

Laser lipo and CoolSculpting comparison chart

Laser lipo CoolSculpting
Expected results Permanent results visible within 1 week (full results in 4-6 months) Permanent results visible within 3 weeks (full results in 2-4 months)

How long does Lipo laser last?

Duration of laser liposuction procedure On average, laser lipo sessions take about one hour per area. They may last a little longer depending on the area receiving the procedure. You may see results within about a week after your session, but results will gradually appear over two to six months.

How much weight can you lose with Zerona laser?

“With Zerona, the company guarantees you’ll lose at least three and a half inches of fat in two weeks,” says Deborah. “The national average loss is six inches—and some patients have lost as much as nine inches. People report that they continue to lose unwanted fat for two weeks after their last treatment.

What are erchonia lasers?

Erchonia Lasers for Pain Relief and Therapy. Lasers have long been used in the world of healthcare and were traditionally known as a surgical precision instrument used to pierce through the skin and cauterize wounds. But with the evolution of cold laser technology, your patients can experience the benefits of laser treatment without…

What is the difference between Zerona and Lipo laser Lipo?

Laser Lipo uses ultrasound technology to melt the cells of fat. Both Lipo Laser and Zerona are non-surgical. Zerona isn’t as effective as laser treatment in the removal of fat from the body. Zerona does not cause an immediate reduction of fat.

What is ererchonia cold laser therapy?

Erchonia is the only company with low-level lasers that were market cleared by the FDA for use with low back pain, onychomycosis, plantar fasciitis and many other issues. If you’re looking for a solution to treat patients’ needs without surgery or adverse side effects, you’ll find that cold laser therapy is an ideal option for any clinic.

Can Zerona laser get rid of fat pockets?

Manufactured by Erchonia Medical Inc., the Zerona laser device is used to shrink fat cells and flush them out of the system. It is intended to get rid of the fat pockets without undergoing surgery. Considered as a liposuction alternative, take note that Zerona does not treat obesity.