What does TC mean on a bolt?

A tension control bolt (TC bolt) is a heavy duty bolt used in steel frame construction. The head is usually domed and is not designed to be driven. The end of the shank has a spline on it which is engaged by a special power wrench which prevents the bolt from turning while the nut is tightened.

Where are TC bolts used?

Tension Control Bolts also known as tc bolts are used for high strength, steel to steel fastening. It is one of the most commonly used fasteners for high strength applications, even preferred over large hex bolts. The head is dome-shaped and is not designed to be driven with normal tools.

Are TC bolts galvanized?

Tension control bolts are available in one of two different types: ASTM: A325 tension control bolts (F1852), in plain or mechanically galvanized, and ASTM: A490 bolts (F2280), which are plain and not available with a coating.

What is ASTM F3125?

ASTM F3125 is a standard material specification covering chemical, physical and mechanical requirements for quenched and tempered bolts manufactured from steel and alloy steel in inch dimensions, in two strength grades, two types and two styles.

What is a splined bolt?

Spline fasteners are high tensile strength fasteners with smaller heads than comparable conventional hex fasteners.

How do you install TC bolts?

Basic Installation Procedure

  1. Insert the bolt through the connection and then place the washer chamfered side outermost onto the bolt followed by the nut (Fig 1).
  2. Using the electric shear wrench, engage the inner socket over the bolt spline and the outer socket over the nut (Fig 2).
  3. Press the power switch.

How can you tell if a bolt is structural?

The identification of high-strength structural bolt and nut assemblies can be readily made from the bolt head and nut markings (see Ref. 6.1). In addition, a distinguishing feature is the larger bolt head and nut of the high-strength structural bolt compared to the commercial bolt.

How much does a TC gun weigh?

Tristatefast.com: MAK6922NB | MAKITA SHEAR WRENCH (TC GUN) PORTABILITY : Light weight design at only 10.6 lbs.

What is the standard size of a bolt?

Bolt (fabric) The length is usually either 40 or 100 yards (37 or 91 m), but varies depending on the fabric being referred to; for example, a bolt of canvas is traditionally 39 yards (36 m). The width of a bolt is usually 45 or 60 inches (110 or 150 cm), but widths may include 35–36 inches (890–910 mm), 39 inches (990 mm), 41 inches (1,000 mm),…

What is the length of a bolt?

The length of the movie Bolt is about 1 hour 36 minutes

What size are metric bolts?

Metric Bolts. Metric bolts are sized according to diameter, distance or spacing (in millimeters) between threads and length. For example a size of 12×1.75×30 translates to a bolt that is 12mm in diameter, has a distance of 1.75 between the threads and is 30mm long.