What does SITA mean in airline industry?

SITA or Société Internationale de Télécommunications Aéronautiques, was founded in February 1949 by eleven airlines in order to bring about shared infrastructure cost efficiency by combining their communications networks.

What is SITA system?

SITA is a world leading provider of global information and telecommunications solutions to the air transport industry. To achieve this, SITA adopts innovative approaches, such as common use solutions, community systems, and shared infrastructures.

What is SITA stand for?

State Information Technology Agency

Acronym Definition
SITA Something in the Air
SITA Students in the Arts (various organizations)
SITA Société Internationale de Télécommunications Aéronautiques
SITA State Information Technology Agency (South Africa)

Who is the founder of SITA?

Described as the daughter of Bhūmi (the earth), Sita is brought up as the adopted daughter of King Janaka of Videha.

Who are SITA’s competitors?

SITA’s competitors SITA’s top competitors include Signature Aviation, Amadeus, Icelandair and SACC. SITA is a company that provides services with a focus on air transport communications and information technology.

Is SITA a private company?

While SITA is a schedule 3A private company, government is its only shareholder and client. In short, SITA is the IT business for the largest employer and consumer of IT products and services in South Africa – the Government.

Who are Sita’s competitors?

Why did Rama left Sita in forest?

Rama, fearing ill repute, orders an unwilling Lakshmana to take the pregnant Sita into forest on the pretext of showing her the hermitage of the pious sage Valmiki and leave her there.

Why choose Sita for Your Airline Business?

Today, nearly every airline in the world does business with SITA. Our industry expertise, right balance of innovative technology and our unrivalled understanding of industry processes, allows us to develop and manage integrated solutions and services through seamlessly connected platforms that unlock the hidden value of airline systems.

What is the company structure of Sita?

Company structure. SITA is owned by members of the air transport industry, who make up the SITA Board and SITA Council. The company has the remit of working with the air transport community for the benefit of all members.

What is Sita open API?

A global inflight connection enabling passengers to use their mobile phone network as if they were on the ground. SITA Open API provides an extensive suite of versatile application programming interfaces (APIs) for the air transport industry.