What does Henrietta Harris do?

Henrietta Harris is a New Zealand based artist and illustrator known for her incredibly beautiful and often distorted portraits, Aside from her portraiture, she creates beautiful black and white cloudy landscapes of glaciers and mountains.

What medium does Henrietta Harris use?

Henrietta Harris makes delicate, detailed drawings, paintings, and illustrations, working with paper, pen, watercolor, gouache, acrylic, and sometimes gold leaf.

What is Henrietta Harris inspiration?

A 2018 residency in Iceland encouraged Harris to explore the possibilities of landscape. The surreal beauty of the environment—with its intense effects of sunlight through cloud, across mountains, and on water—allowed her to produce works largely free of artistic deformation and with a distinctly photographic quality.

What is Henrietta Harris style?

New Zealand-born artist Henrietta Harris makes paintings that often involve portraiture with a departure into the surreal. Other subjects for her paintings include images of brains, mountains, and food. She primarily works with watercolor paint on paper but also works with pen, gouache, acrylic, and gold leaf.

Who is David Theron?

David Theron is a South African-born artist now living in Toronto. As an immigrant with a background in animation, it follows that his work centres on motion and notions of identity.

How does Nikos Gyftakis create his art?

Gyftakis uses continuous lines to create constant movement that changes within the variations of light and shadow. There are no contour lines and the figures, the light, and the color, all flow in space and in the surroundings.”

Who is Noel badges Pugh?

Noel Badges Pugh is an illustrator I have admired for some time, he is a scientific illustrator. He creates beautiful watercolour paintings of of the human form and soft floral structures. Pugh cites nature and dreams as his main inspirations and his work shows a deep appreciation for details and structures.