What does configural mean?

Definition of configural : of or relating to a configuration.

What is a configurational approach?

1. An understanding that organizations are a cluster of interconnected structures, linked processes, and mutually dependent practices that are best viewed in a systemic or holistic manner.

What is a Configural response?

learning to respond to two or more stimuli on the basis of their combination rather than on the individual experience of any of those stimuli alone.

What is configurational approach in SHRM?

Configurational approach to SHRM “stresses the need for practices that are contingent with organisational circumstances, but in addition emphasizes the need for horizontal or internal fit” (Sparrow et al., 2004, p. 158).

What is a contingency and configuration approach?

Configuration theory describes an organization as a set of interrelated activities. Rather than the pairwise relationships that the contingency approach focuses on, a configuration approach views fit in terms of “gestalts” or configurations of various elements and their relationships (Drazin et al., 1985).

What is first-order Configural processing?

We distinguish three types of configural processing: detecting the first-order relations that define faces (i.e. two eyes above a nose and mouth), holistic processing (glueing the features together into a gestalt), and processing second-order relations (i.e. the spacing among features).

What does universalistic approach mean?

Universalistic approach states that ‘best practices’ in relation to a wide range of HR issues such as employee recruitment and selection, training and development, employee motivation is equally applicable to each organisation regardless of the nature of unique aspects organisations might have.

What is universalistic theory?

What is universalist theory? Universalist theory states that some human resource practices have a direct and positive impact on business performance, regardless of context. Over time, research has evolved to examine how mutually reinforcing HR management practices can have a synergistic effect on financial performance.

What is contingency approach SHRM?

Contingency Approach (The best fit model) The contingency approach to SHRM practice seeks to align people management practices with competitive business strategies to generate increased performance (Miles and Snow 1978).