What does Chequered history mean?

: a past history of having had problems When it comes to labor relations, the company has a somewhat checkered history.

What is the English meaning of flecked?

Definition of flecked : marked with streaks or spots : sprinkled with flecks … a drab room with beige walls, flecked linoleum floors and a battered upright piano.— Channing Gray.

What is woolly headed?

Definition of woolly-headed 1 : having hair suggesting wool. 2 : marked by vague or confused perception or thinking.

Is it checkered or Chequered?

Checkered past and chequered past are two idioms that mean the same thing, though one is an American spelling and one is a British spelling. Checkered past is the American spelling of this term. Chequered past is the British spelling, though increasingly the American spelling is also being used in Britain.

What is white flecked?

Flecked means “dotted” or “speckled.” Your favorite of all your backyard chickens might be the white and gray flecked hen. You could say that a chocolate cake sprinkled with glitter is flecked, or describe a snow flecked field in late November.

What is the meaning of counterintuitively?

Definition of counterintuitive : contrary to what one would intuitively expect As counterintuitive as it may seem, the universe has no center, and it has no boundary.— Jim Bell. Other Words from counterintuitive More Example Sentences Learn More About counterintuitive.

What is Chequered career?

Checkered Career Meaning Definition: An employment history that includes many past changes. Sometimes, people use this expression to refer to a person’s background in general, rather than specifically their past work experience. It often implies that the person has had a mixture of successes and failures.

Why is it called a checkered past?

That said — in modern language — that heraldic arms are said to be chequered when they are made in two colours in the manner of a chess board. The word came from French escheker, derived from late Latin scaccarium, a chess board.