What does abutment mean in science?

An abutment is the substructure at the ends of a bridge span or dam supporting its superstructure. Dam abutments are generally the sides of a valley or gorge, but may be artificial in order to support arch dams such as Kurobe Dam in Japan.

What does abutment mean in bridges?

Abutment. A retaining wall supporting the ends of a bridge, and, in general, retaining or supporting the approach embankment.

Which word is a synonym for cementation?

agreement (noun) coherence (noun) other relevant words (noun)

What does abutment mean in engineering?

An abutment is structural component typically found at both ends of a bridge, dam, arch or vault to resist and support the lateral and vertical loading of those structures and to transfer those loads to the foundations.

What is abutment in building construction?

Abutments usually comprise a concrete support wall founded on a pile cap supported by piles or on a spread footing, and adjoin an earthfill approach embankment. Pile supports are more common than are footing supports, unless the abutment is founded directly on rock.

What is an abutment in dams?

Abutment – That part of the valley side or concrete walls against which the dam is constructed. An. artificial abutment is sometimes constructed where there is no suitable natural abutment. The wall. between a spillway or gate structure and the embankment can also be referred to as an abutment. (

What are the different types of abutments?

Four Types of Bridge Abutments

  • Typical Gravity Abutment. The typical gravity abutment is the most common type of abutment, and it includes the bridge seat, backwall, footing, and wing walls to hold the bridge’s deck while including a retaining wall for the embankment.
  • U-Abutment.
  • Spill-Through Abutment.
  • Pile Bent Abutment.

What’s another word for support system?

What is another word for support system?

crutch support
pilaster abutment
girder batten
base frame
plinth cantilever

What’s another word for confirming?

Some common synonyms of confirm are authenticate, corroborate, substantiate, validate, and verify.