What does a Naim Napsc do?

The Naim Audio NAPSC is a compact power supply that helps to deliver the highest level of musical performance from your hi-fi systems.

What does a Naim power supply do?

Comparing with the original Naim power supplies, these power supplies provide a higher level of resolution, better transparency, more detail, bigger soundstage, deeper and more controlled bass. The power supply has a major role in sound quality, in many cases more than the circuit design and the component choice.

What does a Naim HiCap do?

The HiCap power supply works in ultra-low noise to significantly lift the musicality of an entire sound system. By providing power separate from an amplifier, the Naim HiCap is earthed correctly ensuring a hum-free listening experience.

What is Naim Uniti?

Uniti Atom is a compact music-streaming player that helps you hear more from your favourite music and radio stations. Built-to-last in Britain, it combines beautiful design with stunning performance and all the streaming features you need. It can even boost your TV sound, too.

What is a Naim FlatCap?

Designed to complement our XS range, the FlatCap XS is a dual-rail, dual-output power supply that powers not just one, but two Naim Audio components if required. It’s a logical, high-value and highly effective upgrade path – just as you’d expect from Naim Audio.

Does the Naim Uniti Atom have a DAC?

Stereo integrated amplifier with built-in DAC, Wi-Fi®, Bluetooth®, and Apple AirPlay® If you’re serious about your music but want to keep your system simple, consider the Naim Uniti Atom.

What is a streaming amplifier?

A streaming integrated amplifier is a device that connects to your network via Ethernet or WiFi while also housing a DAC, preamplifier, and power amplifier all-in-one. These days, for a mere $20 or so/month, that source can be a great-sounding streaming digital library of millions of albums from Tidal or Qobuz.

What is a Snaic cable?

The SNAIC family of interconnects use a cable which is custom manufactured to our specification to provide the ideal impedance, capacitance and conductivity for Naim Audio products. Each SNAIC interconnect is meticulously hand-built in-house using established production techniques.

What is DAC in Naim atom?

Burr Brown
The DAC used is the Burr Brown (TI) PCM-1791A, but that has little to do with the sound quality delivered. Naim’s engineers use a SHARC chip for digital signal processing and digital filtering which bypasses the filter built into the DAC.

What DAC is in the Naim Uniti atom?

“All in one” is an appropriate designation, because the Atom houses a high-end Burr-Brown DAC, a 40-watt Class AB amplifier, a UPnP server, and networking infrastructure (wired ethernet as well as 802.11ac) inside its extruded aluminum enclosure.

What is hifi streamer?

A Hi-Fi Streamer (also called a “Digital Streamer”, “Media Player”, “Network Player” or “Network Client”) connects to your home network and internet (via ethernet cable or wirelessly) to play music from online services like Spotify, Tidal, iTunes, Last FM, internet radio, YouTube, etc and to seamlessly access music …