What devices can be used for lockout tagout?

Here are some of the types of devices available to help meet OSHA lockout/tagout standards:

  • Padlocks.
  • Safety tags.
  • Devices.
  • Lockout hasps.
  • Group lockout boxes.

What are the most common lock out devices?

Check Some Common Lockout Devices?

  • Circuit Breaker Lockout –
  • Valve Lockouts –
  • Plug Lockout –
  • Electrical/Pneumatic Plug –
  • Adjustable Cable Lockout –
  • Hasp –
  • Group Lock Box or Gang Box –

Where should lockout/tagout tags be placed?

Lockout/tagout tags should always be placed with the locks that are used to prevent power from being restored. The locks can come in many different styles including padlocks, pin locks, and many others.

What are the three main components of a lockout tagout?

OSHA requires three basic elements in a lock-out tag-out program. These are training, written procedures, and inspections. Training is required for two types of people; “authorized employees” and “affected employees.” Authorized employees are people who do the maintenance or servicing work.

What Colour are control locks?

Colour Coding Service for your Safety Padlocks Common practice is to use bright coloured (red) locks for high-risk operations, as most people recognise and aptly respond to this colour. The standard colours available for your safety padlocks and key tags are: Black, Blue, Green, Orange, Purple, Red, Teal, Yellow.

What is a Loto device?

Answer — LOTO (Lock Out Tag Out) is the physical restraint of all hazardous energy sources that supply power to a piece of equipment, machinery or system. Most equipment and machinery has an Energy Isolation Device. These devices are usually put into the off position to shut down the hazardous energy source.

What color locks are used for out of service equipment?

Yellow Tags With Blue Locks For The Protection Of Equipment .

What is a blue lock used for?

Blue Locks shall only be applied by competent Group Isolators and used in a Lock Box type Isolation. Isolation Confirmation Permit (D16/442) This form is used by a Group Isolator to record the details of the isolations and is used to verify that isolations have been performed correctly by another Group Isolator.

What does equipment require lockout/tagout procedures?

A standard lockout/tagout procedure starts with identifying all potential power sources for the equipment being worked on. Some equipment is fed only by a single switch, while other equipment may include capacitors or backup batteries that must be discharged or disconnected to ensure the equipment does not receive power.

What does equipment require lockout?

OSHA’s Control of Hazardous Energy (Lockout/Tagout) general industry standard covers the servicing and maintenance of machines and equipment in which the unexpected energization or startup of machines or equipment, or release of stored energy, could cause injury to employees.

Do not operate lockout tags?

Do Not Operate Safety Tag complies with OSHA lockout tagout standard and is best used as part of a comprehensive OSHA compliant lockout tagout safety program Lockout tags are customizable with name, department, and expected completion date

What to include in lockout tagout procedures?

Preparation -The authorized employee (person performing the service/maintenance) must investigate and have complete understanding of all types of hazardous energy that must be controlled on a machine or piece of

  • Shut Down – Power down the machine or equipment.
  • Isolation – Make sure all sources of energy have been isolated.