What color is the Enterprise NX-01?

Underneath the ship, the bright sensor dome in the center of the saucer has been modified from a pure white to a white edged with a gradiated yellow color, to more closely emulate the pale yellow glow on the ‘real’ NX-01.

What happened to the NX-01 Enterprise?

Enterprise was retired in 2161 to make way for new, more advanced starships. It was then placed in a Federation museum, where it still remained in the 24th century.

How many crew members does Enterprise NX-01 have?

Enterprise NX-01, an NX-class starship, had a standard crew complement of 83. Approximately one-third of the crew was female. When the ship was launched in 2151, it had a crew composed entirely of Earth Starfleet officers, except for Sub-Commander T’Pol and Doctor Phlox.

How many decks does the Enterprise NX-01 have?

There are seven decks, named A-deck through G-deck. The bridge is located on A-deck.

What Colour is enterprise?

A darker blue with a grey undertone, Enterprise makes it the ideal choice for interior and exterior spaces. This muted blue looks great when paired with cool white or a light neutral.

Did the first enterprise have shields?

Enterprise NX-01 encounters civilizations with shield technology almost immediately. It’s been used in the larger galaxy for sometime, likely on the order of hundreds of thousands of years.

What Colour was the original Starship Enterprise?

Not surprisingly, the Pilot version Enterprise model was painted with a limited number of grays – essentially the cool gray hull color, plus a couple shades of gray trim. A few additional colors – red, yellow, black, and copper – provided contrast.

What color is the Enterprise refit?

This part use to be engine green. Engineering section was engine green until the “E” was renamed 1701-A then it was repainted blue gray with darker blue gray for paneling.

What is enterenterprise NX-01?

Enterprise NX-01 was the culmination of 32 years of research and development at the Warp Five Complex, by Archer’s father, Henry Archer, and other scientists inspired by Zefram Cochrane. Enterprise ‘s warp-five engine put humanity within reach of thousands of inhabited worlds.

What is the NX-01 Star Trek?

The first of a new generation of warp-five starships designed for long-term space travel and scientific discovery, the NX-01 launched in April of 2151, under the command of Captain Jonathan Archer.

What was the first NX-class starship?

The NX-01 was the first NX-class starship, launched by the United Earth Starfleet in 2151. (ENT: ” Broken Bow “, ” Shockwave “, ” First Flight “, ” Home “) Platinum Collection Build Your Own Bundle. Choose up to 7 games

Is the NX class ship in Star Trek Into Darkness?

A model of an NX class ship was seen on screen in the 2013 film Star Trek Into Darkness, and it has appeared in the video game Star Trek: Encounters. There was a negative fan reaction to the design, but television critics were mostly positive, calling the design “a sort of retro-futurism”.