What clothes were trendy in the 1950s?

1950s Fashion Trends

  • Tea length swing dresses with petticoats for fullness.
  • Slim sheath dresses and tailored suits.
  • Pencil or circle skirts, poodle skirts for teens.
  • Capri pants, high waisted jeans.
  • Peter pan collar blouses.
  • Twin set cardigan sweaters.
  • Swing coats in winter.
  • Kitten heels, saddle shoes, stiletto heels.

What was trending in the 1950s?

Red pleather booths, juicy burgers, Coca Colas, jukebox tunes, and a dance floor. Throughout the 50s, the fountains became popular hangout spots for dancing—where friends or romantic dates could gather around milkshakes and French-fries in between songs.

What fashion brands were popular in the 50s?

1950s Designers

  • Christian Dior. Stanley Sherman / Stringer / Hulton Archive / Getty Images.
  • Cristóbal Balenciaga.
  • Pierre Balmain.
  • Charles James.
  • Jaques Fath.

What did 1950s housewives wear?

1950s housewife dresses often had sleeves, a modest high neckline and came in fun small prints such as checks, stripes, florals, and plaid. Some had white cuffs and collars like a 50s uniform or waitress dress. They were simple dresses but very comfortable.

What were the fashion trends in 1950?

10 Fashion Trends In 1950’s. Form-fitting pants and skirts. It is not surprising that fitted pants and tight skirts were one of the biggest fashion trends in 1950s; in fact, that was quite like our current obsession with leggings, and even more so, jeggins (leggings that imitate jeans). Usually, women would wear an over-sized top or sweater with the fitted bottom.

What was the fashion like in the 1950s?

Men’s fashion in the 1950s was based on business clothing. If a man worked at an office, he wore a suit. While suits were less structured than they were in previous decades, they were still made of heavy fabrics like flannel, even in the height of summer. Men dressed conservatively, and they had little variation in their clothing.

What was the style of clothing in the 1950s?

In the 1950s, children generally wore conservative, clean-cut clothes. Cotton, corduroy, denim and flannel were popular fabrics, and plaid and gingham patterns were widely seen. Typical clothing for girls in the 1950s consisted of cotton dresses adorned with ruffles and collars.

How to dress in your 50s?

Embrace color. While shades of grey can come across as matronly,bright and bold color will rev up your look and perk up your skin tone.

  • Free your neckline. Swap the deep plunge in favor of a universally flattering boatneck.
  • Upgrade your knits. Go ahead and splurge on your dream knits and sweaters. You’ve earned it. We’re talking silk,cashmere,and super soft cotton (preferably with a little stretch).
  • Play up your waistline. Slightly shorter tops that hit between the waist and top of your hip can create a slimming silhouette that showcases your natural curve.
  • Find your fit. We’ve said it before,and we’ll say it again: Nothing beats great tailoring. The difference between sophisticated and sloppy is all about the fit.