What are Your Top 5 Frank Turner songs of all time?

1 All About the Destination (22 October 2007) 2 Take to the Road (22 March 2010) 3 Frank Turner Live From Wembley (October 2012) 4 “Get Better” (30 June 2017)

Who are the original members of turn Turner’s Band?

Turner’s band at the time still consisted of Ben Lloyd, Tarrant Anderson and Nigel Powell from Dive Dive, with keyboardist Matt Nasir having been added on the Love, Ire and Song tour. Prior to recording Poetry of the Deed, Turner stated that:

What genre of music does Andrew Turner listen to?

Metal was the first genre of music he fell in love with, and he remains a passionate fan. Turner’s musical career began at school, with the short-lived alternative band Kneejerk. The band released three records and played several shows around the UK.

When is Frank Turner’s new album No Man’s Land released?

Turner’s eighth studio album, No Man’s Land, was released on 16 August 2019. Frank Turner was born in Bahrain where his father worked as an investment banker. Upon return to England, the family settled first in Winchester before moving to Meonstoke.

When was the last time Turner cancelled a show?

All remaining shows, which included Nottingham, Liverpool and Ireland, were cancelled, the first time that Turner as a solo artist had cancelled any show in ten years. He went on to reschedule all cancelled shows in January 2009.

Where did Tina Turner record his fifth studio album?

Turner recorded his fifth studio album in Burbank, California, in October 2012. The reason for recording abroad the first time in California was that producer Rich Costey wouldn’t come to England with all his equipment so he convinced Turner to record it in Burbank.

When did Frank Turner and the Sleeping Souls perform at the Olympics?

On 27 July 2012, Frank Turner and the Sleeping Souls performed at the pre-show for the London 2012 Olympics Opening Ceremony. The band played “Sailor’s Boots”, “Wessex Boy”, and “I Still Believe”.