What are the requirements to get a marriage license in North Carolina?

Marriage License Applicant Requirements Both parties must be present. The legal age for marriage in North Carolina is 18. Persons over 16 and under 18 can only be married with signed parental consent. Both parties must have a government issued picture identification (Driver license, Military ID, Passport)

How do you obtain a marriage license in North Carolina?

All couples must receive a marriage license issued by the state of North Carolina in order to legally marry. Marriage licenses can be obtained by filing an application with a County Register of Deeds Office. Both the bride and groom will need to provide some basic information on the application and pay the license fee.

How to obtain a marriage license?

– Marriage License Application. Marriage license applications should be submitted through the Town Clerk’s secure online application. – Age Requirements. If either applicant is under 17 years of age, a marriage license cannot be issued. – Birth Documents. Baptismal Certificate with birth name, date of birth, place of birth and parents’ names and sealed by the church. – Valid Photo Identification – Previous Marriages. If divorced, applicant (s) must bring the Divorce Judgments from all previous marriages. – Translations. If the above documentation is not in English, the document must be translated by a certified translator that is approved by the Town of Brookhaven. – Name Change Options. Applicants must state their choice of last name after marriage on the application. The name change option does not apply to first or middle names. – Fee. There is a $40 fee for a marriage license. Payment may be made by check, money order or credit/debit card.

How do I get a marriage license?

To complete the application for a marriage license, a couple must: Both applicants must be present to obtain a license and be 18 years of age. Both applicants must fill out and sign a marriage license application. Both applicants must present valid identification with proof of age. Bring your fee in cash (only)