What are the problems of fishing industry in Pakistan?

Ans: (1) Overfishing has decreased quantity of fish catch in sea; many types of fish have became extinct. (2) Water pollution and oil spills have affected fish production. (3) Loss of breeding areas and shelter due to deforestation of mangrove forest. (4) Fishing is closed in breeding season.

How fishery sector contributes economically in Pakistan?

The fisheries sector in Pakistan makes a significant contribution to the national economy, contributing about one percent to GDP and providing jobs to about one percent of the country’s labour force. It is the most important economic activity in the coastal area of Pakistan.

What are some problems with fisheries?

Here are the five most detrimental fishing practices affecting the underwater world today, and some thoughts on what we can do to stop it.

  1. Overfishing. This term refers to the practice of catching fish faster than they are able to reproduce.
  2. Bycatch.
  3. Damage to the ocean floor.
  4. Managing Fishing.
  5. Illegal Fishing.

How does the fishing industry affect the environment?

The fishing industry affects a number of marine conservation issues, including: fish populations, water pollution, and habitat degradation. Some researchers have claimed that the size of the fishing industry needs to be significantly decreased in order to maintain healthy marine environments around the world.

What are the disadvantages of fish farming?


  • There may be more diseases as the fish live so close and are selectively bred.
  • Fish may be fed pellets made from less valuable fish meaning that other fish have a reduced food supply.
  • In outdoor farms drugs used can pollute the water.
  • Sterile water , pesticides and antibodies many be used to control diseases.

What is the largest problem in most fisheries?

Seven of the Biggest Problems Facing Fish in Our Oceans

  • Overfishing. Whether it’s for the food industry or the aquarium industry, overfishing is a serious threat to the fish in our sea.
  • Ocean Acidification.
  • Ghost Fishing.
  • Commercial Whaling.
  • Plastic.
  • Irresponsible Fish Farming.
  • Habitat Destruction.

How can we solve the problem of overfishing?

Solutions to Overfishing

  1. Working With Governments.
  2. Helping Developing Countries.
  3. The Marine Stewardship Council (MSC)
  4. Educating Retailers.
  5. Reducing Subsidies.
  6. More Protected Marine Areas.
  7. Labels For Consumers.
  8. Responsible Farming.

How can we reduce the impact of overfishing?


  1. You Can Help Stop Overfishing.
  2. Create More Marine Protected Areas.
  3. Stop Trawling.
  4. Worldwide Catch Shares.
  5. Educate Everyone and Spread the Word.
  6. Join a Campaign and Support Organizations.
  7. Make Smart Consumer Choices.

How does fishing affect the economy?

All told, the U.S. fishing industry contributed $89.4 billion to the U.S. economy in 2012 and accounted for 1.7 million jobs nationwide. The economic contribution of the fishing industry is split between commercial and recreational fishing, contributing $59.0 billion and $30.4 billion in 2012, respectively (NMFS 2014).

Why is fishing bad for the ecosystem?

Fishing may disrupt food webs by targeting specific, in-demand species. There might be too much fishing of prey species such as sardines and anchovies, thus reducing the food supply for the predators. Disrupting these types of wasp-waist species may have effects throughout the ecosystem.

What are the challenges and opportunities in fisheries sector of Pakistan?

On the other hand, global environmental change, degradation of habitat, change in temperature, aquatic feed and original natural brood stock are the major challenge in aquaculture industry. In the present review, the challenges and opportunities in fisheries sector of Pakistan are discussed.

How many fish harbors are there in Pakistan?

Pakistan, having 1,120 km of coastline and inland water reserves are 3,102,408 ha, respectively [10]. The major fish harbors of Pakistan are Karachi Fisheries Harbor, Korangi Fish Harbor, Pasni Fish Harbor and Gwadar Fish, Karachi Fisheries ~ 516 ~ International Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Studies

Which areas are suitable for aquaculture in Pakistan?

There are considered as suitable to aquaculture and provide the basis for aquaculture development. While there is a great potential of coastal fisheries with an about 1120 km coast line. In further, an open sea area, Exclusive Economic Zone, of about 350 nautical miles in the control of Pakistan government.

What is the importance of fish products in Pakistan?

The most important of the fish products destined for direct human consumption was fresh fish (a share of 53.7 percent), followed by frozen fish (25.7 percent), canned fish (11.0 percent) and cured fish (9.6 percent). With these overall volumes and trade figures in mind, let us look at Pakistan.