What are the parts of the MS Word screen?

The Title Bar. At the very top of the screen is the title bar.

  • Menu Bar. When you first start Word, the menus and toolbars display basic commands and buttons.
  • Toolbars. The Standard Toolbar.
  • The Horizontal Ruler.
  • The Vertical Ruler.
  • Vertical Scroll Bar.
  • Horizontal Scroll Bar.
  • The Status Bar.
  • What is Microsoft Word screen?

    The Microsoft Word screen is a simple, user-friendly and highly customizable interface for word processing. Most of the screen is composed of the document you are creating or editing, but surrounding this are toolbars, scroll bars and buttons that help you navigate and personalize your document.

    What are the basic parts of MS Word 2007?

    The new interface elements are described in the following sections.

    • The Office Button. Click.
    • The Quick Access Toolbar.
    • The Ribbon.
    • Tabs and Contextual Tabs.
    • The Mini Toolbar.
    • Galleries.
    • Live Preview.
    • Enhanced ScreenTips.

    What are the toolbars in Microsoft Word?

    Microsoft Word has a toolbar with icons that allow you to open, save, and print documents, as well as change the font, text size, and style of the text. Like many programs, the Word toolbar can be customized by adding or deleting options. It can even be moved to different parts of the screen.

    Where is zoom in Word?

    In Word

    1. Open the document or template that you want to save with a particular zoom setting.
    2. On the View tab, in the Zoom group, click Zoom.
    3. Choose the setting that you want.
    4. Add and delete a single character in the document or template.
    5. Click Save. Keyboard shortcut: Ctrl+S.

    What is the screen elements of Microsoft Word?

    The Screen Elements of Microsoft Word Quick Access Toolbar. One of the first on-screen elements that you need to become familiar with is the quick access toolbar. Ribbon. The ribbon is another important on-screen element to become familiar with when working with Microsoft Word. Work Area. The work area of the Microsoft Word program is another important on-screen element. Dialog Box Launcher.

    How do you open Microsoft Word on a computer?

    Follow the steps below to open a file from within Microsoft Word. Open the Microsoft Word program. Click the File tab on the Ribbon and click the Open option. If the Open window does not appear, click the Browse option to open that window. In the Open window, find and select the file you want to open in Microsoft Word.

    How do you print screen in Microsoft Word?

    Click “Print Screen” on your keyboard to copy the entire screen. Click “Alt” and “Print Screen” at the same time to copy only the active screen. Open a blank Word document. Click “Control” and the letter “V” at the same time on the computer keyboard to paste the screen print into the Word document.

    What are the elements of Microsoft Word?

    Title bar

  • Menu Bar
  • Toolbars
  • Workspace
  • Status Bar
  • Scroll Bars
  • Scroll Box
  • Task Pane